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3 Ways to Expand Your Audience Reach

Date published: December 23, 2019
Last updated: December 23, 2019

Let's face it: Almost everything a business does online is to make sales in one way or another. If you're reading this blog, it's more likely than not that you're one of those businesses. Moreover, you may not be looking to launch a marketing campaign- but rather looking for a way to get the most out of what you’re already doing. In this article, we’re going to talk about 3 ways you can expand your audience reach without spending a dime.

1. Make sure you’re creating for your ideal customer

Before we start listing any advance tactics, it’s important to make sure you have the basic foundation of any good marketing strategy covered. Do you understand what your ideal customer wants? More importantly, do you understand how to translate their needs into a sales funnel?

No matter what tactic you try to use to expand your reach, it won’t work if it’s not tailored to your ideal customer. If your audience isn’t reading your posts, engaging with your content, or purchasing your products-you have an issue with speaking to your ideal customer. Audit your audience using Google Analytics to discover their needs, behaviors, and queries. Tailor your content and digital marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Make sure you’re sharing your content

Sharing content is the easiest way to get an audience around your content. If you’re not sharing your content on your target market’s favorite social and content channels, you’re leaving a ton of opportunity on the table. Reaching back to our first point, make sure you understand the ideal marketing channels for your target market. For example, dads who want DIY home projects are not going to find them on Pinterest- despite the fact that their wives might.

Once you know where you need to share your content, look into the ideal times. Hire a social media community manager to create, curate, and interact with the community surrounding your product, service, or organization.

3. Establish your authority as a brand or creator

This can take time. You don’t become authoritative overnight. However, it’s important to withstand the long run to create longterm success for your brand. Not only does your authority expand your reach, but it also allows you to become the person people look to for a given subject or question.

There are a variety of ways you can increase your authority:

  • Guest posting
  • PR and media coverage
  • Podcasting
  • Video marketing
  • Interviews

… to name a few. Each of these tactics has its own strength. Whichever you choose, you need to be consistent. For both search engines and readers, you need to prove your authority and attention on a subject. Though you can pay for ads or influencers, you cannot pay for the trust of your potential customers.

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Whether you’re a small business trying to build awareness or a big brand that is trying to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry, the first step to expanding your audience reach is understanding the marketing channels your ideal customer wants to be reached on. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for businesses. To expand your audience, you must understand where your audience actually is.

What tips do you have for expanding your brand’s reach? Share your story in the comments.

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