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7 Effective SEO Marketing Techniques to Use In 2020

Date published: February 07, 2020
Last updated: February 7, 2020

Are you looking at your website and wondering why all the time and effort you’re putting into it isn’t producing better site rankings? You have created quality content, scouted keywords, used title tags, and smart internal linking so, what is the problem?

Perhaps you aren’t using off-page SEO properly or not at all? If you’ve never heard of off-page search engine optimization, then you are not alone.

What Is Off-page Search Engine Optimization?

Most people either don’t know that off-page is vital to improving Google rankings or doesn’t know how to execute it.

Off-page SEO Examples

  • Guest posting
  • Leaving comments on other blogs
  • Social media engagement
  • Posting on forums
  • Using videos from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Essentially, off-page SEO is background brand marketing behavior and activity that drives users to your site. On-page SEO involves what you do on your website.

On-page SEO Examples

  • Writing engaging quality content
  • Internal link building
  • Metadata (title, description tags, keywords, etc.)
  • Keyword research
  • Page loading time
  • Header selection

On-page SEO and off-page SEO determine Google rankings. If you and a competitor have even on-page rankings, then Google looks at off-page components.

Let’s dive deeper into the off-page SEO techniques you can use to market your brand in 2020.

1. Offer a Superior Service or Product

If you offer the best product or service then:

  • Your brand, service and product reputation is positive
  • Your site will gain more visits than your competitors
  • Other sites will link to your website
  • People will give you positive reviews

2. Customer Service

You should not neglect customer service because having an excellent product is irrelevant if your clients’ demands and concerns aren't addressed. If you don’t teach people who you are, then others will do it for you.

3. Focused Search Intent

An important aspect of off-page SEO is engaging your audience to create and share content that adds value. You can’t get positive social media engagement, sponsorships, reviews, or post partnerships without knowing why your audience seeks you out. Use or Google Autosuggest to discover how search intent attracts off-page SEO opportunities.

4. Engagement

Engage with your audience by commenting on blogs, forums, and discussion boards within your niche. Leave comments that are helpful and thoughtful to bring attention to your expertise. This will create brand recognition and provoke influencers, bloggers, editors to link to your site.

5. Be Active on Social Media

Monitor your social media accounts, respond promptly to questions, and give feedback. Fair and rational responses, even outside of your niche, will make you a valuable resource and increase brand awareness.

6. Create Influencer Partnerships

Social media is an excellent way for brands to get traffic, supporters, and customers. Gaining and nurturing relationships with high-profile influencers will open doors and deliver more site traffic and incoming links.

7. Build Relationships with Guest Posts

Off-page SEO partnerships are a valuable way to build relationships with publishers, editors, major brands, and influencers. Build your reputation as someone who delivers quality information and experiences, and approach guest post opportunities with a mutually beneficial mindset.

Implementing off-page SEO in addition to on-page SEO practices isn’t overwhelming if you add one method at a time. Master one technique then chose another, and eventually, you will reap the rewards of proper SEO strategies.

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