7 Strategies To Effectively Grow And Work With Your Client Base

strategies to grow client base

The success of any business is dependent on the number of clients which it has. So, it is important to use strategies to grow your client base in order to diversify your income sources.

One of the best ways which you can utilize in order to grow your client base is to harness relevant leads for your business. Once you harness these leads, it is important to convert them into customers and retain them as well.

We will today share with you 7 different strategies which you can use in order to grow your client base and make your work efficient.

1. Build authority

In order to dominate any industry and expand your client base, it is important to build proper authority in that industry. These days, with the help of digital presence, it is easier to do so. Some of the steps which you can undertake include:

  • Starting a blog: With the help of a blog, you will be able to share your views with your existing and prospective customers. You can easily showcase your in-depth knowledge regarding your industry. This will help you create an authoritative image in front of the prospective customers.
  • Start a podcast: With the help of podcast, you will be able to explain in greater detail various products and services which you have on offer. You will once again be able to showcase your industry knowledge as well.
  • Conduct a webinar: Webinars are becoming more and more popular. They allow you to have a personal touch with your prospective customers. That is why they are very popular.

When you use these 3 ways to build authority in your industry, it will be very easy for you to attract new clients and grow your client base.

2. Use the power of social media

You have to always use social media to your advantage. There are various social networks which you can utilize like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

And many more others.

But we make an accent on these as they have an advantage of direct communication with your clients. That said you also should have ready scripts and cases for your SMM team or an employee who is responsible for communication with clients through these channels.

You have to also understand that social media is a double-edged sword. That is why you have to always maintain your reputation online. In order to know more about the existing reputation of your business, you can use a analytics and social media tracker tools. Thus, it is easy to monitor the social media activity surrounding your business. This will allow you to act fast to limit any kind of damage in case of a negative post.

With the help of increased social media sharing and maintenance of social media profiles, you can gain more visitors from social media. Thus, you can use the power of social media in order to get new leads and expand your client base quite easily.

3. Keep a keen eye on the competition

Instead of relying on just the tried and tested methods for lead generation, it is important to use newer and newer platforms. One of the easiest ways to do so is to keep a keen watch on your competition. When you keep a keen watch on your competition, you will be able to know more about their marketing methods.

You can use these marketing methods used by your competitors to your advantage. This will allow you to diversify your lead sources. Once you are able to do that, not only will your income be more diversified but you will be able to grow your client base exponentially as well.

4. Approach Influencers

Online influencers are one of the best ways to spread the word out about your business. They can easily provide you with much-needed authority as well. You have to consistently approach online influencers in order to market your business and your brand.

According to Hubspot, 48% of businesses say, that most of their leads require “long cycle” nurturing with many influencers. Even when you’re working in an industry with a long conversion cycle, online influencers can provide you with much-needed PR. This will allow you to build a brand over a longer period of time.

5. Use the right software

You have to always ensure that your communication with the existing customers and prospective leads are clear and systematic the existing customers. There are multiple ways in which you can do so. These include:

  • Email marketing platforms (MailChimp, Mailshake, FormGet)
  • CRM systems integration
  • Web analytics and tools for monitoring online reputation

You can either use a single technique in order to build your communication strategy or you can use all of these methods cumulatively. At the same point in time, you have to ensure that the customer support which you provide to the existing customers is up to the mark. This will allow you to retain them as well and therefore, grow your customer base.

6. Unveil a referral program

One of the best ways to expand your client base is to launch a referral program. With the help of a referral program, you can incentivize your existing customers to bring in new leads. This will put the onus on your existing customers to bring new leads. As long as you are able to incentivize them enough, they will go the extra mile.

You have to put a lot of thought in deciding the type of incentive and the quantum of incentive for your referral program. It should be lucrative enough for the existing customers to refer your business.

7. Create a loyal base of customers

Last but not least: you have to work towards retaining your customers as well. Only when you can retain your existing customers, you can grow your client base. There are a couple of options to do so. These include:

  • Reward points: For each and every order, you can offer a specific number of reward points to your customers. Once a threshold is crossed, you can allow them to redeem them for cash or some merchandise.
  • Loyalty program: Loyalty program allows existing customers to gain discounts on future orders based on their previous ordering history.

You can use both of these options or any one of them in order to create a loyal base of customers.


As clients are vital for any business, and as long as you have satisfied customers and prospect markets to reach to — your business have the potential to grow.

So, if you want to grow your business and expand your client base, it is important to follow these 7 strategies. With the help of these steps, it will be very easy for you to grow your business exponentially and communicate with leads effectively.

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