Amendola Communications Adds HealthBI to it’s Customer Family


On November 28, 2017, Amendola Communications added HealthBI to its expanding customer family in a move that will surely bring new growth to the population health technology company in 2018 and beyond. Amendola Communications is an award winning, full service agency with an impressive portfolio of PR campaigns and marketing strategies designed for a wide range of healthcare and healthcare IT corporations such as Cal Index, Medicomp Systems, Jellyfish Health and Wellcentive. The company works together with executives and internal marketing teams to develop new PR, social media and marketing strategies that improve brand awareness, reputation, and engagement, boost sales and lead generation, and drive market growth. Amendola has worked with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500’s and in 2016 they won LiveWire’s Innovation and Excellence Award for Healthcare & Healthcare IT PR. With such impressive clients and credits, Amendola will undoubtedly foster growth and expand awareness for HealthBI as a thought leader in value-based care and as a provider of technology solutions and health data. According to a news release by PRNewsWire,

“Amendola will help build HealthBI’s thought leadership profile through a mix of targeted media relations, byline article placements, and strategic speaking opportunities.”

At it’s core, HealthBI is a patient-centered organizational workflow platform focused on the needs of high-risk patients. With the help of the platform, HealthBI’s clients (virtual care teams and community-based resources) are able to analyze patient data efficiently and cost-effectively. HealthBI’s clients are also able to increase their quality metrics, see summaries of gap closures, and much more. Amendola Communications will play a major role in the way this platform is promoted and accessed. The communications company will also be assisting HealthBI in the development of a knowledge base library built up of case-studies and guides. This library will cover a wide range of topics that will give clients access to valuable information. Because of their shared commitment to improved healthcare communications, Amendola Communications and HealthBI will be one of 2018’s dream teams. The long term results of this partnership have yet to be determined but it’s clear that both companies will benefit heavily from their collaboration.

For more information, you can follow Amendola Communications on Twitter, and LinkedIn and HealthBI on LinkedIn.