Why Do You Need to Know About YouTube Subscribers Before You Create A YouTube Channel?

By these days there are many guides and how-to’s that cover the topic of becoming a blogger on YouTube. Mostly, they explain the mechanisms and tips that are relevant to the channels that already exist and have an audience. But these texts often drop off the information that has to be considered before you start your channel. In this article, we will highlight the most important information about subscribers that you must gather right after you got an idea for a blog. You will also find out what things are vital to know while you didn’t launch your channel. We hope that this text will be helpful to you in many ways, including the to-do list for 1000 subscribers that you can buy. So let’s get on with that!

The Importance of Youtube Subscribers in a Nutshell

Many people consider YouTube to be a search engine and storage for different videos. But, surprisingly, this is a social platform with a very strong community. It is highly dependent on the social activity of users. After Google bought YouTube, every owner of a Google account ( who might be basically using it for Gmail or Docs) automatically gets an account on YouTube too. This fact made dwelling on this platform easier and more pleasant for users.

And knowing this, it’s obvious that people are the most valuable resource for YouTubers. Subscribers define the rating of a blog as for algorithms of the platform, as for other users. A bigger number means popularity and profit ( say hello to ads and monetization). People are a lever that makes the growth happen, so grossing a large number of subs on YouTube is always an ultimate goal.

Social Activity and Success of the Blog

Another aspect that rules the world of YouTube is the engagement and interaction between the blogger and his audience. The more action happens in your channel the better is your rate not only on YouTube itself but on Google too. In the latest years, Google includes YouTube videos in search results. And the main criteria that provide such options are proper keywords that you add to your title and video description, and the rating you achieve through likes, comments, and shares.

And now, we shall explain what things you have to keep in your mind before creating your channel.

The Potential of the Niche

Before you start the channel on YouTube, look through the fresh trends of the platform. Explore the channels and personalities behind the most popular videos. Also, monitor what topics are the most interesting to the audience. Having this experience collected, it will be easier to make plans and adjust your content to what users want to see.

Finding the right niche to occupy is hard, yet worth the effort. Remember that popular themes like food, travels, or beauty require more deep research and lots of planning because these are crowded. So you will have to find something unique and specific to your channel, to get yourself to the same shelf as your favorite YouTubers.

Manners and Expression

Another point of your research is the way you must behave yourself. Look carefully at how different YouTubers encounter different reactions from the public with their manner of speech and positioning. See what behavior gets a more positive vibe and where subscribers demonstrate more activity. Don’t forget that haters are not absolute evil. To nail the black PR, you must know for sure where to draw the line to your provocations. Constructive criticism in the comment section of your reference bloggers is something that will help you to avoid mistakes.

Entertaining Your Youtube Subscribers

Watch carefully, what are the hottest trends on YouTube. Activities that provide any kind of interaction with the viewers are a huge lever for increasing the rates. So knowing what people like to do the most would be a nice idea. On YouTube, due to the specific of the platform, the direct conversation between a blogger and his audience is possible only through comments, which is why to pay attention to these kinds of activities:

  • Questions. Ask what your audience thinks about your video. This method makes your viewers feel involved and their opinion – valuable.
  • Encourage people to subscribe and like your videos. Calls to action from you are good reminders to do that
  • Give your audience an opportunity to suggest the topic for your new films.
  • Reply to the comments people leave under videos and start discussions that can generate more replies from users

The complexity of communication between you and your audience should stop you from having user-generated content. You can always add some screen time to your films and show how much you appreciate the creations of your followers.

What are the Main Features that Define your Target Audience?

Before you start producing and uploading your content, you must clearly understand who will be receiving your message. There are many aspects that must be counted in when you form the community of your channel:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Hobbies and interests

These are the main things to consider when you build up the task and plan for your growth. If you hit the interests of your target group accurately, you will quickly gain rating and recognition on the platform.

Distinction Between True Criticism and Trolling

When you become a blogger, you must realize that you are now a public person. So even before you begin your career, you should spend some time observing the behavior of people in the comments of other bloggers. The goal of that is to learn what is constructive and helpful to you even if it is not too pleasant to read, and what is pointless and stupid aggression. So here are a few tips for you that will help you to understand where is sour truth and where is dumb hate.

  • Advice that is given with goodwill usually does not contain any personal accusations
  • Trolls often try to offend not only you but your audience as well
  • Explicit language is usually a mark of trolling

The key rule to remember in any situation where you meet trolling is that you must not engage in destructive arguing and negativity, because it can decrease your ratings before you know it.

And as a pleasant bonus for you, we have gathered the most useful tips for gaining subscribers from scratch.

  1. Use cross-platform promotion to secure that your loyal fans from other networks come by
  2. Post regularly. Consistency is vital for YouTube because even the best content can be neglected if it comes out without a certain schedule. If something unpredictable happens and you cannot maintain the regularity, find time to shoot an explanation and apology to your viewers.
  3. Add a trailer to your channel. This feature is like a small presentation of your personality and videos. It catches the attention easily and helps an occasional user to make a decision to stay on your page.
  4. Produce incredible thumbnails. This small picture is the first thing that a potential viewer sees when he finds your video. So it has to be a fine promo for your film.
  5. Unite your videos into playlists. Simple and elegant method to increase your rates.
  6. Comment on other films on YouTube. Sharing your opinions and experience can help you to find a like-minded crowd that will eagerly follow you.
  7. Work on your titles. Include the most relevant keywords to your niche and learn the art of making headlines
  8. Always stick to your prominent topics. Changing the niche can cause the loss of subscribers.
  9. Keep an eye on the hottest news in your industry and on YouTube. Highlighting the trends first will drive the interest of the new public to you, as people want to find out new things faster.
  10. Whatever happens, be yourself. Sincerity and honesty are fine qualities in real life and in the online images too. Your viewers will always know if your words are not true. So keep it real at the limit you find comfortable and keep going.

All the best!