Content Marketing Guide for Corporate Service Providers

Above all, content marketing still remains the most effective means of advertising on the web. Simply creating and distributing content that promotes and explains the services provided by a company helps to gain more web traffic and overall interest.  This content marketing guide is for corporate service providers that want to use the power of the written word to attract would-be clients. Read below and find ways of getting more targeted content in front of your most sought-after audiences consistently.

What Kind of Content Are You Trying to Put Out?

With content marketing, there has to be a demographic and a goal in mind. For instance, a corporate service provider that specialises in business tax services will primarily be looking for small to mid-sized businesses that want to have their books balanced, taxes filed, or need consultation services. A corporate service provider in this position would potentially want to do content marketing tailored to newly established businesses, companies needing to file several years’ worth of returns, or a business desperately in need of business finance organisation services. In this instance, a white paper may not be nearly as effective as a blog. Businesses regularly determine the type of content they can most benefit from in marketing just by asking the customers that they already have.

Promoting Services That Businesses Need

Corporate service providers generally offer services that are necessary for operating functionally. A business that needed help ensuring all employees were paid on a set schedule would need to depend on corporate service providers like Bradford Jacobs. Businesses that need to switch from LLCs to S-corps quickly and efficiently also need corporate service providers that are experienced. With content marketing, mentioning things such as satisfaction guarantees, certifications, or manpower, will promote a corporate service provider’s impact and importance in the industry. A company that wants to hire en masse, or help large numbers of workers get through the open health insurance enrolment process needs human resources support, which is very much a business need.

Putting a Value on Corporate Services

Business owners only have two ways of getting things done; internally or externally. Smaller businesses may be individually run, but those same businesses also generally need a lot of external support. A smaller business that needs to hire a team of 10 new seasonal workers would very much benefit from partnering with a staffing agency or even just hiring a temporary human resources manager. This kind of corporate service has a pretty high value as a lot of small businesses are not capable of taking on large-scale projects without outside help. Always approach content marketing considering the value of the services being offered.

A Run-Through of Merits

Starting a company that is capable of operating smoothly, while turning a profit, paying out merchants, filing tax returns on time, and handling all human resources related tasks necessitates specialised skills, labour, and sometimes, multiple employees.  Corporate service providers help individual small business owners to operate like teams, and novice companies to rapidly become more knowledgeable. Content marketing is supposed to lay out facts first, but also invoke emotion. Think of the businesses you are trying to reach with your press releases, blog posts, infographics, articles and white papers. Do you see those business owners worried about being able to file accurate tax returns ahead of the deadline? Are they worried because they have been having trouble getting all of their employees paid as promised? Put out content that addresses and answers their problems, questions, and concerns if you want your corporate service provider content marketing endeavours to lead to lasting results.

Business services have to work on content marketing constantly just to reach local customers. In a day and age when blog posts are much more noticeable than even billboards, you have to consistently work to rank in search engine results and social media. Have content created that infuses keywords right along with originality. Inserting links where appropriate can also help to get your content listed in the right places. Content marketing requires tweaking and even full-on changes in strategy when needed. You won’t get big results by just putting out one or two pieces of content. On the other hand, putting out new content regularly enough to bring visitors back is enough to help promote any corporate service provider.