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Content Marketing in Logistics: 5 Successful Examples

Date published: July 23, 2021
Last updated: July 23, 2021

Content marketing in logistics is about providing your audience with relevant, practical, and valuable updates on what's going on in supply chain management.

Of course, you'll also want to stand out. In differentiating yourself from the competition, it's essential to provide context for your readers. You accomplish this by including links back to other industry-related sites. That way, they can learn even more about each story you choose to highlight.

You also increase their chances of becoming a customer.

Getting started with content marketing, it can be easy to think that blogs are the best way to go. However, this isn't always the right choice. To help you go digital, there are many companies that assist with content marketing and migrating everyday operations to the cloud.

True, blogs will always have a place in logistics. However, the following examples show some of the most successful ways to use content marketing tactics to attract new business.

1. Linkable Assets

A linkable asset is essentially anything other people can easily repurpose and share on social media sites. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Pinterest. These unique assets stand out from common blog posts. They are visually appealing and more likely to catch a reader's eye when they're browsing their feed.

2. Infographics

Sharing relevant statistics about supply chain management along with an infographic is a great way to keep readers engaged with your brand. It will also increase conversion rates without much extra effort.

3. Instructional Videos

Teaching customers how you do something is one of the best ways to create a lasting impression. For example, create an instructional video on how your company operates. Solve common problems in logistics. It's a great way to get people interested in the first place. Later, it helps them remember you when they're ready for action.

4. Webinars

Webinars can be particularly effective when you are trying to sell something. They allow customers the chance to ask questions about your product. When done right, they feel like they have learned what they need to know before spending any money.

The best way to attract new clients and grow your business isn't necessarily by creating more content. Instead, offer unique content that offers value while staying relevant throughout multiple stages of the purchasing cycle. Never forget why you need content marketing. Always tailor your message to fit your audience.

Five logistics companies that successfully use content marketing in their digital strategies are listed below.


Flexport is a freight forwarding company that uses logistics content marketing to generate leads and drive conversions.

They focus on creating informational resources for their target audience. These include detailed infographics about the logistics industry and how their business works. They provide value for new customers and potential applicants interested in remote job opportunities.

Flexport also used this tactic to create detailed guides on cargo shipping costs. These guides show readers precisely how much it will cost them to ship an item of cargo from one destination to another. Each guide concludes with a call-to-action button that directs visitors towards the company's online quote form. This greatly increases their chances of converting browsers into paying customers. Flexport has been so successful using these tactics that they raised over $200 million to scale their business worldwide.


Xeneta is a logistics tracking company. They use their blog to share stories about the industry and help customers feel like they are part of their community. They focus on creating content that offers value for new businesses rather than repurposing previous company information. This is most clearly seen on their resource page. There, you will find articles such as how to hire a courier, how to save money when buying parcel insurance, or even how your shipment may be affected by mining activity.

This content marketing strategy gives potential customers useful insight into the logistics industry. It also provides valuable updates from other sites. Readers know there's more out there for them if Xeneta doesn't fit the bill.

When it comes to driving logistics business through content marketing, it's important to remember that you want your content to be interactive, value-packed, and reflect your brand's overall personality.

By creating informational charts or infographics to share on social media, providing educational videos for customers, or even writing blog posts about how logistics work in your industry, you can increase engagement with your target audience. You'll also improve conversion rates when people come back around to making purchases.


Cerasis is a provider of supply chain management solutions. They use content marketing to help new customers understand how their logistics company works. Cerasis provides a lot of insight into digital technology and technological advances in logistics through informative articles.

For example, they've written content about the biggest technology disruptors in logistics. Another article explains how blockchain will be useful for supply chain management.

This is a great tactic to increase business. It gives potential customers an idea of how intelligent you are as a company. You get to demonstrate how your skilled employees adapt to change. It also shows readers that you keep up with recent trends in your industry. If their needs do change down the road, you're prepared to offer them better options than whatever else might be available on the market.

These informational posts help readers learn about Cerasis' services without worrying about being manipulated by sales tactics. The relaxed environment allows new readers to explore the site without feeling pressured. It also provides them with useful information to make an informed decision when it's time for them to buy something from Cerasis.


Freightos is a freight platform that provides several different logistics services to help businesses manage their shipments.

One of the ways they do this is by using content marketing to offer an easy-to-understand explanation of how logistics works. Examples include a guide on how e-commerce retailers can save money with their software or even why supply chain visibility is important.

These informational posts provide readers with helpful facts. They know exactly what Freightos' solutions can do for them. They give customers a reason to trust in the company's expertise if they are looking for a solution in this area.

Posting articles such as these create opportunities to include links back to your website where people can learn more about specific logistics services or make a purchase if they are interested. A great example of this is the Freightos guide on determining the right type of freight forwarder for your business. It includes links back to their website where users can start a free trial.

This type of post not only helps them drive more traffic to their site and potential new customers. It also shows that Freightos knows what its readers need before they even realize they want it. It makes them a trustworthy source in the industry and draws in new business over time.


Kinaxis is a software solutions provider that helps companies with supply chain management, warehouse operations, and purchase order management. In addition, they offer several different consulting services to help make managing these processes as easy as possible for businesses.

Because their business is so diverse, they have created an entire blog where they've written posts. This sort of content marketing in logistics is great because it gives readers a chance to learn more about Kinaxis' services. These posts also educate readers on unique concepts or ideas related to the company's industry.

For example, they've written posts about how blockchain and 3D printing will impact supply chain management in the future and highlighted their experience designing custom software for clients.

These informative posts allow new customers to get a feel for Kinaxis' company personality rather than just reading their sales pitch about why they'd be the best choice for your business. This is helpful because it gives potential customers some insight into how a business uses its service. It helps them understand why businesses continue using their products even if there are cheaper alternatives available.

In addition, it helps build trust with potential new clients by showing them that they're not just trying to sell something. They actually care about the industry as a whole and want to make stronger relationships with other companies.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is going to play a significant role in the success of any logistics company over time.

Invest time into creating helpful informational posts rather than solely focusing on sales. You'll be able to build stronger relationships with potential customers. You'll motivate them to choose you for their business transportation needs!

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