How to Grow Your Mobile App Through Content Marketing

mobile app content strategy

Even though you developed have a great mobile app to actually conquer the mobile app domain, but the story doesn’t end here.

You need to be aware of the amount of efforts required to get people to take notice of your app when the entire marketplace is currently crawling with over 3 million mobile apps.

So, putting in other words, due to high saturation and massive volatility in the entire global mobile app ecosystem has currently led to a scenario where you need to really think hard to aggressively market your own app successfully.

However, the good news is that your entire mobile app marketing strategy is essentially going to be successful if you are able to manage to attract new and unique users through blog posts, positive app reviews, and also through encouraging media coverage which actually informs potential users what certainly make your entire app great.

In this regard, a particular mobile app development company can assist you in a great deal.

A variety of researches have revealed that prospective users generally reject one out of four mobile apps after using the first time.

Hence, it is quite crucial for you to hire mobile app developers to create apps which can develop bases for loyal users.

Hence, when formulating a content marketing strategy for the mobile app of yours, keep the following things under consideration.

1. Know Your Key Target Audience

Through an in-depth survey of the industry, along with the competitors, assist in a great deal to identify the right target audiences with the right and appropriate content.

Start your entire search with different articles along with thematic blogs as well as interviews which are relevant to the app.

It is generally seen that the app developers and publishers share their own personal experiences, generally regarding a successful app launch as well as its usual pitfalls.

It can give you a few of the priceless bits of information for identification of the target audience as also on how you should actually approach the entire app market.

Hence, it is only when you are creating the typical persona of the user that you also essentially get to work out the most vital and appropriate content format as well as types to achieve maximum reach and engagement.

It is quite possible by essentially determining the general target audience, which is within the category of your app.

Now highlight your own audience’s typical and general challenges as well as problems while also taking the essential notes of their complete research on the entire app, that offers some great as well as relevant information for the entire creative process.

Also, try and even identify their key pain points such as their interests in learning and reading, how your own content can assist them to answer the most frequently asked questions or even solve daily problems or challenges and also, more importantly, how your own app will essentially solve their vital requirements and problems.

2. Invest in App Store Optimization

The title, description, along with screenshots as well as included keywords of your app have a great influence on whether it is getting noticed among the different search engines for app stores or not.

Hence, all the efforts at the optimization of these are quite important. Look at the best apps in App Stores and try to see how they have actually written about the app, and also what kind of keywords they have essentially used.

Also, long-tail keywords are much more effective in this regard and stuffing both titles as well as app description with different keywords isn’t quite advisable.

Also, the screenshots show the main features of the app. The different algorithms for search engines are quite attentive to this particular type of in-app content just due to its relevance.

Hence, whenever you are optimizing the in-app content, the chances of higher ranking in the entire app stores increase by a substantial margin as users constantly browse them to download the latest content.

Hence,  mobile app development services should consider app store optimization for achieving a better ranking of their apps.

3. Develop a Buzz Whenever you Launch the App

Whenever the launch of the app is going to happen, create a buzz regarding the app on all media channels as well as industry blogs.

Various burst campaigns are quite effective in acquiring massive user growth for a new app, and better media exposure will put the app on the right map, which increases organic download after its initial launch.

Also, reviews from different eminent industry experts can even leverage significant and substantial audiences, and all it essentially takes is a great pitch to get them interested in the product.

Along with this, creating a detailed content calendar, along with adding sharable components to the app as well as establishing a better defined user community and even retargeting interested users are some of the assorted strategies which will definitely ensure the success of your app.

4. Creating Brilliant Content

Once you have created your own content marketing plan, the next thing to consider is creating the content.

It consists of social media posts, landing pages, blog posts, white papers, case studies, e-books, newsletter, emails, customer testimonials and even videos.

Most of the businesses essentially use blogs as well as social media content. Essentially, there is a huge chance that these are the major players in the complete content marketing strategy of the mobile app, but you need not limit yourself to only these two.

You have to feel free to actually remain creative and try out different new strategies as well as tactics to reach out to your audience.

Along with this, interactive content performs very well since it involves the users as well as entertains them in such a way that any static text can never achieve.

Hence, there is a particular reason why most content marketers opt for interactive content since it is quite able to grab the attention of the audience.

Also, this entire content is reusable and helps in repeat visits of the visitors. It is great for improving app downloads and a great tactic for the purpose of completely keeping the users readily engaged with the entire app once they have actually downloaded the app.

So, consider using games, surveys, calculators, quizzes along with infographics to engage with the target audience.


Mobile application development services keep on churning new apps every day. In order to increase their downloads, it is essential to attain a higher ranking on app stores.

For that, a content marketing strategy can play a key role in it. The above-mentioned strategies can certainly help in achieving that.

There are mobile app developers for hire who can optimize the app as per the requirements mentioned in the article to achieve the target.