How To Make Site Content Attractive For Its Visitors

When someone visits your website, what do you have to keep them busy and engage them as they navigate through it? When it comes to issues like these, first impression matters and determine whether they will stay on your site or leave immediately. One thing you need to realize is that the work of making your site very attractive for visitors is not an easy one. You’ve to be creative, put yourself in their shoes, and decide on the things they will love to see on your website that will grab their attention. By all means, an interesting website is the one that makes the reader bookmark your website page and keeps coming back. You only have seconds to grab your reader’s attention, or you might lose them to competitors. Now ask yourself, when you visit a website, what is the first thing you notice? Is it the design, the content, or the thank you page? Whatever it is, if it could attract you, then, it can attract others too. These should be your focus. To be more specific, here are some useful tips on how to make a website look good.

  • Minimize page load time

Irrespective of the quality of your website design, if a visitor spends 10 seconds waiting for your site to load, then you have lost them. This could be worse if you are running an e-commerce business because the rate of shopping cart abandonment will be high. So it is for every other type of business website. When it comes to ranking and SEO, web pages that take several seconds to tend to get low visibility online, and Google hardly rank such high in its search results. A good way to prevent this is by reducing the number of page redirects, optimizing images, graphics and narrowing down your content to a specific niche such as those relating to cheapest essay that can easily captivate a reader’s attention and motivate them to stay on the site.

  • Add good content with links inserted appropriately

This cannot be overemphasized enough. Without good content, every website will look like an empty house without occupants. Content could range from how-tos, cheap essay help, educational to those written to inspire the reader to take some action. Your website content plays a crucial role in determining whether the reader will stay or not. If it’s captivating enough, well, they are all yours. Ensure you insert links appropriately using the right keywords to hyperlink them alongside your anchor text.

  • Target a specific audience with your content

Even though “content is king,” it isn’t the sole determinant of an attractive web. If you write cluelessly without a specific audience as your target, your visitor wouldn’t be sure if your content relates to him. So, ensure you narrow down your content and personalize them as much as possible. For instance, you could target college students to use research paper writing service, or how to get help with essay writing. This will attract a pool of students on your web page, especially those in need of essay writing services cheap. Such services are sometimes hard to get most times. Especially when you need help with one urgently.

  • Follow SEO rules

This is another trick to having an attractive website. With the right SEO strategy, visitors can easily find your website during a search. Evaluate SEO practices for your website, what are your competitors doing to stay relevant on the web and rank high on search engines? Follow their steps, and you will find yourself achieving the same results after some time. Google takes a lot of factors into consideration before ranking a site and using it to number one in search results. Make sure you know these factors and apply them to your website.

  • Ensure your site is mobile responsive

Nowadays, many people surf the web using their mobile phones rather than a computer. Is your website mobile friendly? How well are you making good use of mobile traffic? You need to ensure that your site is mobile optimized and responsive. Use a design and layout that perfectly fits into any mobile screen as well as that of a desktop. This is something that should be determined before you begin designing your website. Don’t wait till you have some content in it.

  • Optimize your content with videos

Today, website traffic comes mostly from the video. Video marketing is the bomb, and it’s killing it everywhere. A website whose content is well optimized for video is on its way to pulling in massive traffic in no time. Your content can be highly engaging and attractive when you add a video to it as a way of providing more information about the text. It also serves as a great conversational tool, making the reader stay glued to your website as they navigate from one page to another. It should be highly considered if you want to make your website attractive in 2019.

There are so many things you can do to make your website attractive to visitors. Some of them have been discussed in the article. Tailor them to your website needs before applying. Who says a visitor can’t spend hours on your site? It’s possible, but it depends on your effort to make it attractive.

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