How to Write Argumentative Essays in 2021

When you are learning how to write the best argumentative essay, you must focus on the most crucial point of the essay which is the argument you are writing about. The other parts of the essay such as introduction, body, and conclusion are meant to offer support for your argument.

Steps that you can follow when writing your argumentative essay

Select your essay topic

Regardless of the style that you choose in writing your argumentative essay, you must choose an appropriate topic. You must choose a topic which you are conversant with so that you can easily research and write well.


If your research you can look for materials such as documentaries, blogs, and books which are written by experts as your credible sources. You must read widely as you take note of the common things which are argued over the topic that you have chosen. When you are writing your essay you must be able to cover the most pressing and crucial issues. You can also look for unique angles that you may not have explored thoroughly. This is because your professor would love it if you can come up with something original. As you conduct your research you can try to outline the points you are going to include in your essay.


Here you will have to offer some background information concerning your topic so that the audience will know what are discussing. In this section, you must try and address issues such as:

Why the topic is very important?

In your introduction, you must also include the thesis statement where you must take one side that you will address. Remember to start your introduction with an appealing sentence which will make the readers have an interest in your topic of discussion. Although the introduction will set the base for the rest of your essay, you should completely reveal what you are going to argue about.

You will be required to state the thesis statement on the final sentence on the introduction part. This is part where the reader can find your main argument. Your statement must be precise and demonstrate clearly your perspective toward the topic of discussion.

Writing the body paragraph

In a normal argumentative essay, you will be required to write three body paragraphs. In every paragraph, you must offer a new piece of information on why you believe your argument is the best one. You must be extremely careful to avoid arguing over one point in your entire paragraphs.

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You must start every paragraph of your body with a topic sentence. This sentence will introduce a new support idea for your arguments. After that, you will be required to follow your topic sentence using concrete evidence that can have statistics, examples, research results, citations, and studies done.

At the end of every paragraph, you must offer a counterargument. In this case, you can explain why you think you disagree with the topic of discussion. You must use strong evidence to support your views. In your argumentative essay, you must try to cover the topic of discussion at all angles.


You must have a good conclusion to your argumentative essay. In your conclusion, you will summarize everything which you have written in the previous paragraphs of your essay without formulating new ideas. This section is meant to enable the audience to contemplate more about the topic you have written and even decide to conduct more research.

If you wish to conclude your argumentative essay memorably, you include a personal story.

Editing your essay

After you have finished writing your essay, you can start to edit it. As you edit it you can consider the following issues:

Have you presented your statement in such a way that someone can easily argue against or for? Is it easy for your target audience to follow your writing? Have you used enough words for your arguments? Did you conduct the best research and used the best examples in backing your arguments? Did you conclude with a compelling idea of what the reader expects in the future regarding that topic?

If you following the above guidelines definitely you will be able to write the best argumentative essay.

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