Ontraport vs. Leadpages: Which One Is Better For Creating Landing Pages?

If you think that landing pages are not important and you can be as successful without using one as someone who spends time, effort, and money creating one, then you are looking for trouble. Ask any digital marketing professional and they will say it loud and clear that the landing page is an indispensable part of a digital marketing strategy and an assured way of generating leads.

A landing page is needed to focus the attention of visitors on what is being promoted, with a single call to action (CTA). Landing pages have become an indispensable element of marketing campaigns in recent years. They help you capture leads and delivers targeted messages to a specific audience.

Landing pages, apart from being a powerful lead generator, can also help in other areas of your marketing efforts.

  • It helps collect information and demographics of prospects
  • Can be useful in tracking data
  • Makes it easy to direct the undiluted attention of prospects to perform a specific task

However, creating an impactful landing page is not easy. You will have to spend some time on getting the content and other elements of the landing page right so that the above-mentioned marketing objectives can be easily achieved.

You have another more viable option that can be exercised to create an effective landing page quickly. Landing page builders or makers are tools designed to help marketers create powerful landing pages specific to their marketing cause. Among the best landing page builders available, we are going to make a detailed comparison of the two top – OntraPort and LeadPages.

Both LeadPages and OntraPort makes it to the top of the list because of its valuable features. While LeadPages finds favor with small and medium-sized businesses, OntraPort is the preferred choice of advanced marketers and big business owners.

Both LeadPages and OntraPort are designed to integrate into existing systems and solutions. They can be easily integrated into existing payment processing, traffic analytics, and email marketing. Now that we have had a fair understanding of the core elements of these top landing page builders, let’s move straight to the comparison steps.


OntraPort is the choice of advanced marketers and the preferred landing page maker for those looking for a powerful page builder.  OntraPages is the landing page maker provided by OntraPort software.

OntraPort comes with an email marketing solution. It gives you a contacts limit of up 1,000 and you can send up to 100,000 emails per month. More contacts can be added by paying an additional charge.

With OntraPort, you can easily build automated sequences and email courses. Businesses using this software can automate and send sequenced emails regularly to new subscribers without having to put in loads of effort and time. The landing page builder is packed with numerous templates that can be customized to match your needs.

Some of the key features offered by Ontraport are:

  • Email Split Testing
  • Responsive Email Templates
  • SMS Marketing
  • Automation Workflow
  • Email Course Builder
  • WordPress plugin
  • 66+ Integrations.
  • 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

OntraPort supports a wide range of integrations and delivers the best value for money with its landing page software, helpdesks, CMSs, social networks, e-commerce software, and others.


LeadPages is the right choice for SMEs looking for the best tools to build a landing page that allows quick and easy conversion. While the tools it offers do not include an email marketing solution, it makes up for the gap by ensuring easy integrations with some of the top email processors available on the market.

LeadPages can be readily integrated with more than 40 solutions and software systems. It can be used with analytics, email marketing platforms, payment processors, and automation tools. You can build your own by drawing from the range of user-friendly templates offered by LeadPages. Other key features include the innovative drag-and-drop platform.

LeadPages offers the following features with its monthly plan:

  • Site Builder
  • Unlimited Templates.
  • Unlimited Leads & Traffic
  • Facebook Ad Building Tools
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • 40+ Integrations.
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

LeadPages also offers a premium marketplace that allows users to purchase high-quality templates. New templates and high-value add-ons are updated on a regular basis.

Are you running your website on WordPress? LeadPages has got you covered with the awesome WordPress Connector plugin. You can add landing pages to WordPress quickly and effortlessly. To download, simply go to your LeadPages account portal.

LeadPages shows that it cares for its customers by offering one of the best customer support systems managed by a highly responsive and knowledgeable staff. Support can be availed through online guides, email, phone, live chat, and tickets.

Let’s now do a feature-by-feature comparison of both these platforms:

Target Users

LeadPages is tailor-made for marketers looking for a powerful landing page builder that can serve their promotional needs for AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even PPC platforms. LeadPages can help them in the area of analytics, email integrations, and email marketing.

OntraPort is designed specifically for SMBs with a vibrant sales and marketing system but wanting to do more.

SMS Marketing Automation

LeadPages does not support direct mail automation. Users can collect leads through SMS using the LeadDigits feature.

OntraPort can be used for SMS marketing automation as it supports two-way SMS communication.

Direct Mail Automation

LeadPages does not support Direct Mail Automation.

OntraPort can be used for automated postcard marketing. It supports PURLs.

UI and Usability

LeadPages comes with UI and landing page builder that can be quickly grasped and implemented by even those who are not experts or experienced in designing.

OntraPort can be used by startups and experienced marketers as it offers a wide range of features presented through an intuitive interface.

Landing Page Builder

LeadPages scores high in this aspect as it is acknowledged as one of the best landing page tools available. This powerful landing page builder can be used for creating and customizing your landing page by using the friendly drag-and-drop interface.

OntraPort is your best bet for creating responsive and mobile-ready landing pages without any hassles.

Landing Page Templates

You can find hundreds of templates in the LeadPages Marketplace. You can choose from the massive free as well as premium options.

OntraPort template collections are huge and range from squeeze pages to countdowns, to coming soon pages to lead capture pages and many more.

WordPress Plugin

LeadPages offers the valuable WordPress Connector which allows quick and easy adding of landing pages to WordPress.

OntraPort offers the PilotPress and OntraPages plugins which can be used for easy integration with WordPress.


LeadPages offers more than 40 integrations. These include analytics software, email marketing platforms, automation tools for marketing, and CMS, payment processors.

OntraPort takes a clear lead here with more than 66 integrations with landing page software, ecommerce software, CMS, helpdesks, social networks, and others. Moreover, LeadPages does not support Zapier integration while OntraPort does.

Minimum Contract

There are no minimum contract requirements for both platforms. You can start with a monthly plan.


LeadPages offers personalized support through email, online guides, and other support resources. Pro and Advanced members can access support through Live Chat. Advanced members can enjoy the privilege of phone support too.

OntraPort subscribers can enjoy personalized email, phone, and live chat support. They can also opt for concierge service which is an optional feature for users. Members can avail phone support but during US business hours only.

Joining Fee

Both LeadPages and OntraPort do not charge any joining fee


You can buy LeadPages plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the plans they offer.

OntraPort offers a 90-day money-back guarantee with Basic, Pro, and Team plans.


LeadPages monthly fee starts from $25 per month for the Standard plan.

OntraPort offers its Basic Plan for a monthly fee, starting from $79 per month.

Now that we have discussed the key features and offerings of both LeadPages and OntraPort, let us find out which one will serve your interests the best. The key difference between both the lead pages builders is that while OntraPort offers email marketing support, LeadPages does not.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Features

LeadPages does not offer email marketing features. Hence the platform does not offer contact, email volume, users, email courses, automation rules, responsive email templates, email split testing, and lead scoring features.

OntraPort offers all these and more.


OntraPort offers up to 1,000 contacts on its basic plan. Additional contacts can be added as needed by paying an additional charge.

Email Volume

OntraPort offers unlimited emails on its Basic Plan. You can send up to 100,000 emails per month on its Pro and Team plan. Additional emails available from $99 per 100,000.


With the Basic Plan, you can add one user. Pro Plan offers two users and Team Plan allows 10 users. More users can be added for $47/user/month.

Email Courses

OntraPort offers unlimited email courses on all the plans.

Automation Rules

OntraPort offers unlimited automation rules on all plans

Responsive Email Templates

OntraPort offers responsive email templates that are also easily customizable.

Email Split Testing

OntraPort supports email split testing for four email variations per split test. You can also get a full performance report.

Lead Scoring

OntraPort lead scoring feature is based on user profile and behavior. The service also comes with score degradation.

As is very clear from the above data, OntraPort has a wider range of features and tools that can be of immense use for businesses steering down the fast track of growth.

When compared to LeadPages it is a bit more expensive which is obvious considering the fact that it is choc-a-bloc with valuable features. OntraPort is recommended for those looking to take their business to the next level and have identified their goals clearly. OntraPort takes a clear lead when it comes to delivering the best value for money.

LeadPages is the right option for those who are just starting off and want to build a powerful landing page to achieve their marketing objectives. Ambitious startups will find it easier to begin with LeadPages as they can find everything they want to launch and manage a successful campaign here without having to spend beyond their limited budget.

If you’re just getting started or you are an advanced marketer, OntraPort is your best bet for better results.

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