Ontraport vs. Leadpages: Which One Is Better For Creating Landing Pages?

Did you know that landing pages can make or break your website? Any online business will need an impressive landing page to make its presence felt before its target audience. You cannot expect that posting a new blog from time to time is enough to bring in new customers. A well-created landing page is your ticket to getting the email addresses of thousands of viewers. These are then used for successful email marketing to promote brand awareness.

Can you create a visually-appealing landing page?

Creating a landing page is not a walk in the park. It demands a high degree of expertise and lots of time; and it is a costly proposition too. You may either recruit a developer for the job or try to do it on your own. However, if you do not have a lot of prior experience in doing this, your landing page may not turn out to be as impressive as you want it to be. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you come up with a desirable outcome. You no longer have to spend long hours to create a landing page; it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The landing page is what will determine whether your viewers bounce away to other websites or become customers. The modern-day landing page creation tools can even enable non-designers to produce high-converting pages. Of these, both Ontraport and Leadpages have earned rave reviews.

However, there are some points of distinction in the kind of services they offer and understanding these will help you make a choice between them.


In terms of designing goals, Ontraport has been mainly designed to cater to smaller and medium-sized businesses. These already have a marketing and sales program in place and earn revenues exceeding $100,000. However, Leadpages will cater mainly to digital marketers looking for a robust and effective tool for Facebook Ads, AdWords, and pay-per-click platforms. These should have easy integrations with payment processing, analytics, and email marketing.

Email Marketing

While Ontraport will offer you almost 1000 contacts through an affordable plan, Leadpages offers zero email marketing features. For Ontraport, you can get more contacts added by paying about $99 for every 100,000.

Email Volumes

Ontraport gives you unlimited emails through its Basic Plan. You can get up to 100,000 mails monthly on the Team and Pro Plans. Additional mails will cost you $99 for every 100,000. In comparison, Leadpages does not have email marketing provisions.

Numbers of Users

Ontraport will provide a single user in its Basic Plan while the Pro Plan and Team Plan offers 2 and 10 users respectively. To get more users into the plan, you will need to pay $47 every month for each user.


Ontraport offers customizable and responsive templates, unlike Leadpages. You can also get email courses for all their plans and unlimited automation rules for these. Leadpages offers none of these features.

Split Testing

Ontraport provides support for about 1-4 variations for every email split test and complete performance reports. But, this is not offered by the Leadpages website.

Lead Scoring

Ontraport, unlike Leadpages, provides lead scoring depending on user profiles and behaviors.

SMS Marketing Automation

While Ontraport provides 2-way SMS communications, Leadpages will not offer support for direct mail automation. You may, however, collect leads through SMS using their Lead Digits.

Mail Automation

Ontraport offers automated postcard marketing but Leadpages does not support mail automation.


Ontraport is designed for both experienced users and beginners. Leadpages is mainly for marketers with a user interface and landing-page builder features which novices can use as well. Ontraport offers a great variety of features which is part of an intuitive interface.

Automation Workflow Builder

Ontraport helps you create multi-channel automation rules even without marketing automation skills and programming expertise. Leadpages does not offer email marketing features. Similarly, Ontraport has email builder tools which make the creation of emails easy. Email courses ensure you do not need prior email marketing skills.

Landing Page Builder

Ontraport offers a landing page builder which makes it easy for users to come up with mobile-friendly and responsive landing pages. Leadpages is also known for its landing page builder tool that comes with a drag-and-drop interface which guarantees easy customizability.


Ontraport will offer you access to hundreds of templates, ranging from squeeze pages to countdowns. Leadpages also offers users access to both premium and free templates.

Form Builders

Ontraforms is a form builder that can offer you a wide range of customizable online forms. Lead Boxes editor from Leadpages provide customized text, color, and CSS options.

Integration with WordPress

Ontraport guarantees easy integration with WordPress through the Ontrapages plugins and Pilot Press. Leadpages, on the other hand, has a WordPress Connector which makes the addition of landing pages hassle-free.


Ontraport provides greater than 66 integrations with help desks, landing page software, ecommerce software, CMSes, etc. Leadpages offers higher than 40 integrations with email marketing services, analytics software, marketing automation tools, and payment processors.


Ontraport is costlier, priced at around $79 a month under their Basic Plan, as compared to $25 for Leadpages under their Standard Plan. Besides, just like Leadpages has no minimum contract period, Ontraport too has no minimum contract. For both these landing page tools, there are no joining fees. The biggest advantage with Ontraport plans is that these come with a 90-day money-back guarantee unlike Leadpages which has a 30-day guarantee.


Ontraport offers personalized support through live chats and emails. You can also avail of optional concierge; phone support is only there during US work hours. Leadpages will also extend personalized support through resources and online guides. The advanced members will be eligible for phone support while live chat support is for Advanced and Pro members.

Ontraport, therefore, appears to be best suited for small businesses as there is no setting up fee and the monthly costs are much lower than what its competitors charge their customers. Even though the costs are lower, there is no compromise in their service quality.

Ontraport is known for the best email deliverability rates. You can store more than 25,000 contacts, send out 100,000 emails, and access a huge range of features for such affordable rates. The best part about Ontraport is that their services are scalable and you can keep upgrading as your business expands. Their 90-day money back offer is one of a kind and their discounted annual pricing offers are quite appealing for customers.

Leadpages is perhaps the most popular landing page builder in the market and the best for capturing new leads. It is hosted independently and offers mobile-ready templates that can be seamlessly customized. The builder offers drag-and-drop features so users can design unique landing pages without any difficulty.

So, if you need to decide on a landing page builder for yourself, you must review the tools you have been using so far. Thrive Architect, for instance, is believed to be very well-suited for WordPress users. When you are not a WordPress user, you can choose Leadpages.

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