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  1. kevrmoore says


  2. Karl Liebknecht says

    We’ve been using Roost for the past few months and the delivery rate is abysmally low. Of over 14,000 notifications sent, only a little more than 100 were actually delivered (I assume that by delivered they mean clicks, otherwise the performance would be even poorer).

    1. Danielle Look says

      Hi Karl. Thanks for sharing, and I’m sorry Roost hasn’t performed to your expectations. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) if you’d like to prepare a short case study to share your insights and experience with using Roost.

  3. […] don’t exist with mobile websites, only from proprietary apps. The caveat is making sure to always deliver relevant content that is not viewed as spam, since turning off the push notification for a specific app can cut off […]

  4. says

    We also have launched a platform – to offer Browser notifications for desktop and mobile users. Our product comes with the experience of building a product for our consumer sites we operate (in our other division). We understand the pain in building the push notification subscriber list, delivery rate issues, and have some solutions and best practice to offer.

  5. Prasanna says

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