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Top Tools That Help to Sell Your Content Online (2018 Edition)

Date published: December 15, 2017
Last updated: December 15, 2017

The ecommerce industry generates nearly $2 trillion in yearly sales, as per Hosting Facts. If you wish to get in on the action, you need to start your own online business – one that puts your experience and knowledge to good use. A lot of digital entrepreneurs have found success in creating and selling digital products, such as online training and coaching programs, membership-style websites, and online courses. All you need to do is put all your ideas together and sell them to the audience. This might sound easy, but for a newbie, it can get a bit overwhelming. However, there are certain tools you can use to simplify the process of creating and selling online content.


Kajabi is an amazing tool that helps you monetize your knowledge and sell online content. Everything you need to create your own virtual products and sell them to your target audience is included in the package. We recommend that you start with something simple, like building a training portal or a membership website, and then move on to more complicated projects.

Creating products is easy with the product themes. You also have the option of customizing the final look and design of the product as per your discretion. Kajabi also allows you to develop your own website and generate unique, eye-catching landing pages for generating leads. The tool also lets you choose the right payment option, develop specific rewards for buyers, and add them to the mailing list.


This is the ideal tool for budding entrepreneurs who wish to develop, market, and sell digital content like online courses. Thinkific enables you to upload existing courses and develop new multimedia courses. All types of media are supported by Thinkific, including audio, video, quizzes, slides, text, and more. There is also a simple voice-over slide tool available for presentations.

Payment is done by linking your PayPal or Stripe account to this program. You can also receive direct payment for every single one of the courses if your audience selects the subscription option. You enjoy control over many aspects of customization and design. However, Thinkific is not perfect and lacks a few marketing features such as Opt-in Forms and Lead Capture. You would have to rely on other tools to achieve the desired results for that reason.


Teachable is a wonderful tool that lets you create your own website for selling online courses. Simple and uncluttered, Teachable allows you to add new pages to your site. However, customization can prove a bit challenging, especially if you lack knowledge regarding advanced editing and coding. But you can still use the program for creating interesting multimedia lectures containing audios, videos, text, images, and PDF files.

Payment is possible through Stripe and PayPal. But what makes Teachable special is the fact that you’re allowed to create promotions and coupons to help draw buyers to your digital courses. As far as marketing is concerned, this tool allows the creation of landing pages and helps segment your list, so you’re able to send highly targeted emails to the audience.


Want to sell your knowledge on the Internet? Use Simplero! This is an all-in-one tool that provides access to numerous email marketing features. You can use them to create pop-ups, landing pages, and opt-in forms, automate the email marketing process, and segment contacts for improved targeting.

Begin selling your products by uploading files of different types, including video files, e-books, or audio files. This tool is going to encode them so that customers get access to optimized programs. Simplero is a great way to achieve a personal membership site. Simply create the site and customize the content structure as per your discretion. You might find the price of this tool to be a bit on the expensive side, considering you do not get any sort of course design tools in the package.


Selling a product online means you cannot rely on a single strategy to generate sales. You must use different marketing platforms to pitch and sell products to your target audience constantly. And one of the popular methods for converting followers to customers is webinars.  ClickMeeting understands this and allows users to set up a webinar quickly and conveniently without any tech help.


Despite being the most inexpensive tool featured on this list, Ruzuku can still offer up some stiff competition. Users will not have any trouble managing or creating online courses through the use of text files, PDFs, and videos.

Once it’s done, you need to complete direct payment via your PayPal or Stripe account. This is a decent tool for course creators but offers little in the way of customization features. For the best possible results, you must use Ruzuku in conjunction with other marketing tools.

Concluding Remarks

You will find plenty of tools that can help you sell content on the Internet, but the ones featured in this list are the cream of the crop. Not only do they make your life easier in the long run, but most of these tools will fully serve your purpose.

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