Why Google Plus Ads Could Be The Best New Paid Social Tool [Infographic]

Google Plus is one of the last social networks to offer Promoted Posts, but their +Post ads could end up being the most effective in today’s saturated content market.

Unlike other social ads, promoting your content through +Post ads will display your ads across the Google Display Ad network (commonly known as Adsense). This means that instead of littering Google Plus with ads, the +Post ads are located on third party websites that already utilize Google Adsense.

Despite Facebook’s large membership base, your ads are limited to that platform’s audience. On the other hand, Google Plus ads can potentially be seen by an unlimited number of people.

What sets these +Post ads apart from traditional online ads is its interactivity. +Post Ads are actual, live Google Plus posts from an advertiser’s page, not just static copy.

Site visitors can easily share, like or even read the full post all without leaving the site where the ad appears. It’s a whole new level of web advertising that focuses on providing an immersive content experience.

And it’s proven quite successful. Toyota was able to see a 50 percent increase in ad engagement with their +Post ads and other companies have experienced similar success.

Not all companies can take advantage of the +Post ads, only those that have over 1,000 followers can. If you do have the following and want to increase your visibility, this infographic can provide tips on how to optimize your ads.

Why Google Plus Ads Could Be The Best New Paid Social Tool