4 Ways You Can Promote Content on a Tight Budget

Content marketing requires more work now than ever before. After all, more competitors are publishing content as they try to attract customers. In other words, simply posting to your blog might not deliver the same results as in the past.

Budget limitations can compound competitive pressures and discourage you from pursuing a content strategy. Don’t let that happen. Instead, use the following tips to promote your content in ways that get results without breaking the bank.

Leverage the Power of Influencers

As you publish content, mention established names in your industry. Regardless of whether you quote their work or praise their virtues, you give them a reason to notice you. Even if they don’t, you can call what you’ve said to their attention.

Send an email with the link to your content to each influencer you mention. Tell them you’ve mentioned them as a source and ask them to kindly share your content. There is a very good chance that they will share a link to your content with their followers.

In the end, you can dramatically expand your reach by getting noticed by new audiences. Additionally, your association with those big names will enhance your own standing and help you on your ascent to prominence.

Find Similar Content and See Who Shared It

A simple Google search can give you access to other content that covers a similar topic as yours. From here, you can use online tools such as Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs to find sites that link to that content.

Whenever possible, you should connect with the sites where you’d like your material to appear. Use online forms, social media, and email channels for contacting the right people and asking them to share your content.

Of course, the chances a website owner will share your content will be higher if it offers real value to their audience, so make sure you think about this during the content creation process.

Share with Your Subscribers

Get a quick response to your content by sending it to your mailing list. The fact that your recipients have already opted-in suggests that they are already engaged with your brand. And if you’ve been doing email marketing the right way, there is no reason your subscribers wouldn’t want to hear from you with your latest blog posts.

For this reason, you should regularly send messages to your list to keep them up-to-date. You can also use your mailing list to learn what content most resonates with your audience. That information can help you determine what to publish on your website and social media.

As you share your content, you can create a routine. For example, you can distribute links to the people who subscribe to updates. Next, you can send your full articles to your email subscribers. Finally, you can collate your best pieces into a monthly newsletter.

Use Content Syndication

If you commit yourself to producing outstanding content, you may have a chance to benefit from a syndication service. In this case, the syndicators recognize the value of your content and have confidence that it will add value to their subscribers.

As a result of syndication, you can gain the attention of large media outlets and, subsequently, their audiences.

To get the most from your syndication strategy, wait to see how your content performs on your website. That way, you can submit only the best material and improve your chance of being accepted.

In addition to paid syndication services, you should use LinkedIn and Medium. Such sites are freely available and can make your content available to large audiences.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the above tips can help you successfully transition from creating content to promoting it. By investing some additional time and effort into your content campaigns, you can expand your reach and achieve your goals.