9 Foolproof Tips for Creating the Perfect SMS Marketing Copy

Millions of SMS texts are sent out from all over the world which means that texting is immensely popular and a globally accepted way of communicating. Would you not love to use SMS as a marketing tool to communicate your messages and ideas to your audience? It’s happening across all industries and sectors.

SMS marketing is popular because it is a simple, effective, and affordable way of marketing your products and services. When employed in the right manner, it can deliver a hugely satisfactory ROI. But before you jump at the opportunity and want to send out the text, you must make sure that you get it right.

Here are some quick and proven ways of setting up a wonderful SMS marketing campaign.

1. Keep It Short, Sweet, and Relevant

Nearly 90 percent of the SMS messages are read almost immediately which makes it one of the most powerful and effective ways of connecting and communicating with your audience. As SMS messages have length limitations, make sure the message is crisp, relevant, and to the point. It must deliver value if you want a response from your customers.

2. The Call To Action Must Be Loud and Clear

With limited words and space to convince your audience, your SMS marketing must find a creative way of nudging the readers into the desired action. Your CTA must not get buried in the text. Let it be prominent. It must deliver a tempting proposal on which you want your reader to follow up.

3. Track Your Campaign Performance

There are tools and technologies available that allow you to track various metrics of your SMS campaign very accurately without having to spend a lot of money. Look for the best SMS tracker to monitor all text messages. It is a simple way of measuring the outreach and effectiveness of your campaign.

4. Multimedia Integration

Marketing experts recommend the use of images and videos in your marketing messages to drive home the point more effectively. What to do in an SMS marketing campaign? Simply integrate a multimedia messaging service and send images or video clips to your readers. YouTube URLs can be included to provide a visual insight into your business.

5. Create A Sense of Exclusivity

Customers respond to ads better if it is packaged to make them appear as an exclusive offer designed solely for their benefits. Make them feel special by creating an SMS message that is designed as unique and customer-specific. An ordinary message might not have the same appeal and the same impact.

6. Connect To Social Media Pages Using Text Messages

If you are offering any contests or prices on your social media channels, you can connect those pages through SMS texts and draw your customers to participate in them. This is a great way to achieve a higher level of engagement as customers love contests, especially the ones that tempt with lucrative prices.

7. Provide a Limited Time Value

Creating a sense of urgency is a marketing strategy that seldom fails. It puts the onus of action on the customer. If your offer or scheme has a short expiration date, there is a greater chance of getting a faster response. This can help you achieve your desired SMS marketing goals quickly.

8. Add A Survey Or Pose Questions

Customers feel obliged to respond to your messages if you ask for their opinion/suggestion on a product idea or feature. Your SMS marketing campaign can lead customers to action if the content includes a link to a survey or if you request suggestions. The results can be posted on your SM channels to get some additional traffic from your SMS campaign target audience.

9. Get Your Timing Right

SMS marketing is all timing and strategy. SMS promotions are most effective when they are delivered as last-minute impulses. Make sure you send it out at a time when people are in a relaxed state of mind. Most messages are read within three minutes of being delivered. That information should help you get your timing spot on.

SMS marketing, like any other marketing strategy, requires specific skills and approaches to make it successful and productive. You can spend time honing your skills or engage the services of marketing experts to help you get the best responses. The analytics can come in handy in setting the right approach for each of the above-mentioned tips.

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