Content Marketing Can Turn Your Business Venture Into One Of The Most Profitable Businesses

Since the advent of the internet which expanded connectivity worldwide, many new, smart, and creative business enterprises have emerged.

Urged on by the fact that 51% of today’s consumers make their purchases or avail of services online, businesses employ digital marketing to connect with potential and existing customers. Now digital marketing is used by the hundreds of thousands of enterprises including the  most profitable businesses in the world.

Part of digital marketing is paying for advertising in search engines or social media. This is generally very effective and efficient, but there is another dimension of digital marketing that’s crucial and simply cannot be ignored: content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

If you’re an online business that’s on a budget when it comes to advertising, content marketing is definitely something you should consider.

Regular marketing tries to sell stuff. It means bombarding prospects with ads on TV, on their social media, and well… everywhere. Clients nowadays don’t want that, clients nowadays want to make their own decisions.

You can help them make a decision not by yelling “buy me!” at them, but by giving them free stuff.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone does!

Don’t worry, though, as we said, this won’t cost you that much.

What content marketing does is offer free resources to the public. These can come in the form of blogs, podcasts, video clips, social media posts and more.

It’s usually informative, educational and, in a way, answers questions about your industry, products or services, which will help the client make their own informed decisions. This helps build trust and confidence between you and potential customers. With any luck this ultimately will lead them to do business with you. Content marketing can help you get tons of new customers easily.

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A Cornerstone Of SEO

At any given moment, Google gets over 65,000 searches per second. With each search comes an opportunity for a business to connect with a target consumer looking to find out about a product or service.

The more content you’re creating, especially with the elements of search engine optimization (SEO), the more chances you get to be in front of important searches.

Whether people are looking specifically for a product, a special service or simply searching for information about something related to your business or your product, if they find your website in Google and it leads them to content that engages them and interests them, you’ve won a fight. They’re now connecting with your brand/product and have a chance to buy from you.

But Can Content Marketing Help Me Achieve Success?

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing interesting and important content to draw the attention of prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Loyal customers always come back and maybe they’ll even recommend you to their friends and family. If what you sell is good then with the power of content marketing, you can achieve great success and lead your business to become very profitable indeed.

Let’s look at an example of a business that used content marketing to their advantage.

A Very Skilled Content Marketing Campaign

A company that has become one of the most profitable businesses online by applying content marketing is SKLZ.

It stretched content marketing and went beyond simple written product descriptions to entice customers. SKLZ took its sales to the next level with lots of videos on its product pages.

They recognized that videos and visual images were what they needed. Their videos informed their customers and educated in a much more clearer and lasting way by showing athletes how to use their sports gear and accessories.

They decided to offer the client a little extra, and that went a long way.

This content has not only helped SKLZ to sell its products, but it has also made the company a legitimate source for athletes who’d like to upgrade and improve their game.

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Become One of the Most Successful Businesses with Content Marketing

No matter what business it is you decide to get into, make sure you establish a strong presence on the internet.

With content marketing, you’ll draw prospects and customers to your site, and they’ll never want to leave.

How would you use content marketing to achieve success?

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