DIY or Professional: How Should I Get My WordPress Website Designed?

Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly website creation and content management tools out there. It is so popular that 30% of all websites on the Internet is now created with WordPress, which amounts to a staggering 60 million websites.

In the beginning, WordPress started as a blogging tool, but has now grown into a comprehensive and powerful program that you can use to create a website from scratch.

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Designing your Website with WordPress

Since WordPress is basically a one stop shop for all your website creation needs, you can find web design features in the program as well. Since you will be creating everything from the ground up, you can tweak everything in your WordPress site, from the content and images, to the search engine optimization, to user interface. The great thing about WordPress is that it can be used by anyone to create a website, whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced website designer who can create full-featured business websites.

So now, the question is whether you will create your website yourself, or will you hire a WordPress professional?

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DIY Website Builders

There is no shortage of DIY website builders online, such as SquareSpace and Wix. If you’re only starting out with your online business, making your own WordPress website might be the best way to go. They’re very affordable, or in some cases, free, in terms of the setup, and there are tons of great design templates to choose from. Generally, their software and user interface are very easy to understand, which is one of the biggest draws for DIY WordPress builder websites.

Since their code is proprietary, only the in-house development teams will be working on the software itself. They will be the ones who will troubleshoot the program, as well as create and update apps to help optimize and better your website design experience. Many of these websites even offer software updates in terms of video content; many new DIY website builders use HTML5 instead of Flash for animations and video, making the content more attractive.

Of course, the trade-off with going the DIY route is that you need to have at least a basic understanding of how WordPress works, and you will be limited to the templates of the DIY website that you are using. What’s more, there is usually a noticeable difference between the quality of a DIY website and a professionally-made website. Unless you do invest a lot of time and effort to learn how to create a professional WordPress website from scratch, it becomes painfully obvious which websites are created by owners who have little to no experience with web design.

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Professional Website Builders

If you have a huge company or you have a business that requires extension support and customization, you need to hire a company that has a lot of experience with WordPress web design. Always remember that your website is your first and most important marketing tool to reach your audience, so a website that’s outdated, poorly-made, or aesthetically unpleasing will not resonate well with your customers.

Professional website builders will be able to create a customized WordPress website that’s specifically crafted to your needs and budget as an entrepreneur. They will be able to add or suggest features or plugins depending on your needs, as well as create content if their services extend to that. Many companies will even take care of your hosting needs for you.

When you choose to hire a professional, you are getting all the perks of having someone experienced working for you. You can have a fully-functioning website with all the features that you want, and you won’t need to learn how to use WordPress at all. It also requires less time on your part; you only need to invest as much time as needed to be able to clearly define your needs to your website builder.

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However, there is an obvious trade-off when it comes to getting your WordPress site professionally created: the huge costs. Depending on the type of website that you need, your timeframe, and the additional features you want included, a basic business website can cost anywhere from $500 to $3000. The price can go up even higher if you want more specialized features such as a secure payment system for customers. You also need to pay for hosting services, which goes for around $70 per year.

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