Meet the New 2018 Marketing Hall of Fame Inductees

The AMA Celebrates Marketing Greatness

The American Marketing Association of New York announced yesterday that Lee Clow, Seth Godin, and Esther Lee will be inducted into its Marketing Hall of Fame. The three new members will join an impressive roster of talented experts whose contributions to the marketing industry have been both innovative and influential.

Clow, Godin, and Lee are industry pioneers and have committed themselves to the advancement of marketing. Their induction is representative of their leadership and innovation in the marketing sphere and the honor serves as a nod to their respective marketing legacies. Clow, Godin, and Lee will be officially inducted at a special event held at R/GA’s New York offices on May 17th.

Each year, the AMA New York’s Marketing Hall of Fame committee receives over 200 nominations and narrows down those nominations to a list of 50 names. Once those 50 names are chosen, a distinguished panel of judges chooses the final three inductees.

Last year’s inductees included Facebook CMO Gary Briggs and IBM Vice President Jon Iwata. Current members include GE Senior VP and CMO Beth Comstock, Nike President Trevor Edwards, and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.

More on Lee Clow

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Art Director and Marketer Lee Clow is the Chairman of TBWA\Media Arts Lab and the Director of Media Arts for TBWA\Worldwide.

He is perhaps best known for his 30 year partnership with Steve Jobs where he helped produce the 1984 Macintosh ‘Think Different’ campaign. This campaign introduced the world to the Macintosh computer and evolved into the introduction of the iMac, iTunes, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple Watch. Lee Clow has also created memorable campaigns for Gatorade, Pepsi, Adidas, and Energizer.

Media Arts Lab celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016 and continues to break barriers through its constant collaboration with Apple. Lee calls it the “New Storytelling.”

More on Seth Godin

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Seth Godin is the author of 18 bestselling books including ‘Linchpin,’ ‘Tribes,’ ‘The Dip,’ and ‘Purple Cow.’ He is the founder of both Yoyodyne and Squidoo and his highly influential blog is one of the most popular in the world. His area of expertise relates to the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership, and the post-industrial revolution.

Recently, Godin made Kickstarter history by releasing four books through the platform. The campaign met its goal after just three hours, making it the only book campaign of its type to ever do so. His newest book, ‘What To Do When Its Your Turn,’ is already a bestseller. He recently launched a new podcast called ‘Akimbo,’ where he talks about our culture and how we can change it.

Godin is also an acclaimed keynote speaker. SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS picked him as one of twenty one speakers for the twenty-first century. He has spoken to millions of people at hundreds of public events and companies including Disney, Cadillac, eBay, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, American Eagle, and Eddie Bauer.

He has spoken twice at the conference and is consistently ranked in the top 1% of all speakers at events he attends.

More on Esther Lee

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Esther Lee is the Executive Vice President, and Global CMO at Metlife, Inc. She joined Metlife in 2015 and oversees all global marketing operations. She has previously served as Senior Vice President for Brand, Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorships at AT&T.

Along with being inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame, Lee’s contributions to the industry have been recognized with leadership awards from AWNY, AAF, NAAAP, Asian Women in Business, and the Asia Brand Congress for her achievements in the field of business and brand building. In 2012, Lee was named to the “Power Players” category of the Advertising Age list of “100 Most Influential Women,” and the Advertising Club of New York honored her as an “Advertising Person of the Year.”

Notably, she served for five years as Global Chief Creative Officer for The Coca-Cola Company, where she drove the creation, development and launch of the “Coke Side of Life” global campaign which evolved into today’s “Open Happiness” campaign.

She is a regular speaker at marketing conferences and events including The ANA Annual Conference, Ad Age Digital Conference, Hatch, and the Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.

Lee also serves as a board member for Clorox and is a graduate of Cornell University.