Top 7 Beneficial Marketing Tips to Increase Website Traffic

You know how many websites are on the Internet? NetCraft reported that there are 1 Billion websites on the Internet! With increasing competition each day, it is hard to get your website on top in search results due to immense competition. Don’t you worry! After a lot of efforts, we have found the top 7 marketing tips to increase your website traffic.

There is a saying that the best day to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google Search! Isn’t that true! Have you ever visited page 2 of Google Search? We haven’t and most of us don’t! Each day people are finding top ways to increase website traffic. We have carefully curated list of guaranteed ways to increase website traffic, let us check!

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Guaranteed Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Perform On-Page SEO

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Sometimes you might be wondering how to increase website traffic through Google? One of the many answers is On-Page SEO. There are many SEO best practices you can perform on each page of your website or blog to get more visitors and eventually rank higher.

To make your websites On-Page SEO better you should ensure that your readers are presented high-quality and engaging content and proving all the information they were looking for. It also includes writing precise meta description which will let users know what a page is about.

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Target Long-Tail Keywords as well 

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If you’re looking for a quick tip to increase your website traffic then using long tail keywords can surely boost your website traffic. As you can see in the image, long tail SEO accounts for 70% of the searches. Usually, short-tail keywords are frequently searched, so it becomes harder to rank for those keywords.

Long-tail keywords can give your website a better chance to rank higher and get included in the first page of search results. Click To Tweet

Nowadays people are using voice assistant like Google Assistant and Alexa to search; asking questions related to their queries. Having long tail keywords will help to get traffic from voice searches as well.

Use Social Media and Digital Marketing

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Using Social Media to promote your websites articles and services you provide. This way you can reach to more people and more readers to your website. If your website blog contains excellent quality articles, people will read and share in their network. LinkedIn is one of the platforms that drive traffic to your website.

Adding #Hashtags while posting on social media increases the visibility of your post even more. Using Digital marketing will help you reach beyond your network and allow you to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

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Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site

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Guest posting is a two-way road to success. You should start posting articles to other blogs with your backlinks in the article. In addition, you should also invite them to write an article on your website. It is likely that they will share the link of their guest article written on your site which will bring you new readers. Just ensure you only allow original and high-quality content.

Submit Articles to Aggregator Sites

First, make sure that you don’t spam Reddit and similar other sites to receive a lot of referral traffic. Moderators of community websites like Reddit are well known for marking legitimate links as spam if you post too much. Choose a relevant subreddit, submit content that audiences will find genuinely useful. This should get you more traffic in free. Use of such techniques will help you to increase website traffic quickly.

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Use Email Marketing Tools

If you are a run a business who is offering digital services or a blog site having a list of subscribers, then you shouldn’t forget the power of Email marketing and email marketing tools. Send your subscribers personalised and relevant email explaining how they can utilise your services or sending them an interesting email containing links to your article. Use of such tools and techniques can help you to drive massive traffic to your website.

UseEye-Catching and Interesting Headlines

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Headlines are a very important partof your content. No one may click on a link that has a boring headline in its title preview.Without an eye-catching headline, even the most informative article may go unread.  Using interesting headline and excerpt will help you to increase direct traffic to your website via google search and other social media platforms. 

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We would like to hear more from you. Let us know from all the top tips we shared with you which do you think will help you to get traffic to your website free. Let us know in the comments down below.

Finally, we’ve reached an end! We hope that top 7 marketing tips will help you to increase website traffic. We would also like to share an article with you which will help you rank higher and increase traffic to your website.

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