What are the Short-Term and Long-Term Results of Content Marketing and Digital PR?

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Being visible online is now crucial for every business. No matter if you just work locally or sell goods worldwide, you need to stand out in the crowd of competitors. For this reason, many companies invest in effective SEO services performed by experienced and skilful professionals. There are many techniques used in this marketing strategy – some of them are applied to the website itself, while the others are done off-site.

Among the off-site methods, there are two that are usually considered to be the most significant – digital PR and content marketing. Thanks to them, you can improve brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and make potential clients more interested in your offer. Those strategies can have both short-term and long-term effects on your business. If you want to find out what they are, keep on reading!

Digital PR

As the Digital Marketing Institute explains, “Digital PR includes a wide variety of marketing possibilities such as being interviewed by online publications, increasing your online presence, and using the interactive power of social media for further growth and recognition.” It is similar to traditional PR, focused on networking with journalists to encourage them to feature a particular brand in magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. Digital public relations specialists search for coverage with articles on online news sources and websites or on social media and blog posts.

Digital PR Tactics

Nowadays, many digital PR tactics are used to improve a company’s visibility on the internet. Some of them are as the following:

  • business profiling
  • developing relationships with bloggers and online journalists to get online press coverage
  • creating online press releases
  • arranging online reviews and interviews
  • blogger outreach and influencer marketing aimed at being more visible on blogs and social media profiles
  • posting online content to improve reputation and receive valuable backlinks
  • ensuring that press releases are well-optimized with high-quality links leading to your website to boost your search rankings.

Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Digital PR

Digital PR provides a business with many short-term and long-term benefits. To track its performance, it is recommended to set the goals for your campaign before you start it.

Some results that can become your goals are:

  • Improving website traffic: If many people read about your company and share your content on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, you may get more visitors on your website, and every visit is a chance for enhancement of your company’s profits.
  • Enhancing SEO and rankings: As your business is mentioned on high-authority websites, it allows you to receive valuable links that work excellently for SEO. When your site is rated better by Google, it can rank higher for keywords associated with your industry, so you will get more traffic in this way as well.
  • Boosting sales: One of the most significant benefits of any advertising practice is increasing sales. When a company sees ROI from their online marketing investment, they know it is the crucial sign showing that all the effort was worth it and eventually paid off.
  • Generating leads: Thanks to an excellent digital PR strategy, you will reach relevant audience that’s interested in your services or products. The more people read about your offer and click through to your website, the more potentially valuable leads you will get.
  • Building a trustworthy brand: Similar to traditional PR, its digital counterpart aims at gaining your clients’ trust. Thanks to a lot of positive references online, your brand will definitely grow its reputation. Also, with excellent articles that are adapted to the SEO standards, search engines will perceive your website as a reliable source of information.

Content Marketing

You may think that content marketing is an on-page SEO tactic, focused on creating and publishing content on your company’s website. However, in fact, this term is much broader, and it involves both on-page and off-page methods. Obviously, it is vital to create quality content on your site, but to increase your brand awareness, you should also remember about providing excellent, engaging assets that are published elsewhere too.

Content Marketing Strategies

The most common practices used by content marketers are:

  • infographics
  • guest blog posts
  • eBooks
  • whitepapers
  • research papers
  • surveys
  • studies

Content marketing is closely associated with PR, link-building, and social media, strongly contributing to the process of building a reliable brand.

Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Content Marketing

As social media are quite ubiquitous nowadays, consumers are starting to expect unique and interesting content on various channels from every company. It is worth following this trend, as great content marketing can provide you with many short-term and long-term benefits, such as:

  • Increased reach: With content marketing, you can be wherever your customers are likely to appear. You can answer comments on social media or respond to questions on forums. You do not have to limit yourself to creating content for your website only!
  • Higher authority and credibility: Creating a lot of reliable content shows your company’s expertise in the industry. In this way, you can appear as a credible provider who really knows a lot in their field. You can do it through publishing, for example, case studies, webinars, downloadable resources, or blog posts.
  • Boosted website traffic: Similar to digital PR, content marketing sources can significantly improve your website traffic. This is because relevant and useful content will encourage your audience to come back to your website for more.
  • Retargeted audience: When you analyze your content’s performance, you will gain the data necessary to retarget your audience and provide them with the information they need. After taking a look at the users who viewed your content, you will know which display ads to choose to maximize the chances of making a profit.


Both digital PR and content marketing can provide your business with a lot of benefits, so it is worth combining them. Taking care of public relations and building a positive brand image has never been more crucial. Nowadays, numerous companies are fighting for the same audience, so you should do your utmost to stand out and attract them to your offer.

Thanks to content marketing and digital PR, your website will rank higher in search results and you will get more website traffic. What’s more, your business will appear as more relevant and trustworthy which is vital as many people nowadays are afraid of fraud. Therefore, investing your resources in these off-site SEO techniques will certainly pay off!

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