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What Content Marketing Strategy Should a Coffee Shop Use?

Date published: September 05, 2019
Last updated: September 5, 2019

A great coffee shop can be a huge boon to a neighborhood! But if your new shop is just sitting empty most of the day, then things aren’t going totally right. Of course, you need a steady stream of customers to sustain a business. In the world of small coffee shops, this means that you must always be expanding the market and looking to draw in new customers.

These are some of the best content marketing tactics to use in order to spur growth. Whether you’re interested in blog posts, social media content, or promotions, these strategies will help you to create the right content for your particular business.

Consider the Customer

It’s always important to begin by considering your audience, because this affects what type of content you’ll be creating. For example, if your coffee shop caters primarily to parents and families in the neighborhood, you’ll want fun and family-friendly content. If your business is looking more for professionals on a lunch break, your content should be more fast-paced and focused on productivity.

These types of considerations also hugely affect what your content should say. For example, if you want your shop to become the neighborhood hang-out place and to be full of happy people working hard all day, emphasize your internet and outlet availability. If you aim for a more family-type vibe, it may make sense to design a few posts to highlight things such as children’s hot chocolate, or dog treats.

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Consider the Channel

In addition to thinking carefully about what your message will be, spend some time to decide how to share your content. For some coffee shops, a standard blog is still the preferred option. This might make sense if your desired clientele is a bit older, and if they would enjoy reading well-written longer posts. Make sure to also use some type of social media in order to send potential customers to your blog. Some great services to consider are Squarespace and Wix.

Aside from these more traditional blogging services, develop some kind of social media presence. If your customers are younger and more engaged, this may become your primary source of content. Even if you do maintain content on some other service, a social media account will help to funnel customers your way. Of course, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular options. It may also be worth considering a more neighborhood-focused platform. For example, the Nextdoor app or a local equivalent can help to steer traffic your way.

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Create a Schedule

Once you have a plan about what type of content you want to be posting, and what type of platform you want to be using in order to share your great content, be sure that you can keep viewers engaged.

Amanda from CoffeeChannel explains that: “Customers may be hooked initially, but if you have long gaps between posts, they may no longer buy into the value of following your content. Make sure that you’re ready to post consistently. “

Understand how to take advantage of special events. Plan some special posts around the holidays, and maybe work out a special type of fun post for Fridays. These types of messages will be pleasantly surprising for customers, and it will all help to support the idea that your coffee shop is in tune with what’s happening in the outside world.

In addition to holidays, don’t be afraid to make spur-of-the-moment posts based on things like the weather or other current events. If there’s a huge rainstorm in your area, a post emphasizing the cozy vibe of your coffee shop would be a great choice. If something big happens in the news, then react to it and create some relevant content.

This strategy will ensure that customers remain engaged with your business. Together, these three simple considerations will ensure that you get the most growth possible out of your content marketing plan.

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