What Makes a Great SEO Company?

Did you know that more than 130 trillion web pages have been indexed by Google? You don’t see most of them because they aren’t properly optimized. The competition is so fierce that if you don’t have a search engine optimization (SEO) plan in place, your site will get buried in the back of the search results. You know you need to find an SEO company in Montreal to handle your marketing, but you aren’t sure how to select one. Find out what makes a great SEO company so you can make your decision and get on with the business of rising up in the ranks.

Creative Yet Tactical

Top SEO companies understand the need to balance creative vision with tactical strategies to get results. Great marketing consists of stories that motivate people to take action, along with a plan to get those stories in front of potential customers. Find an SEO company in Montreal that knows how to develop and tell a story while also understanding how to execute a successful marketing strategy.


Some marketing agencies like to pretend like they are going to wave a magic wand and transform your site. As mentioned earlier, marketing consists of a series of planned steps that are both tactical and creative, that are used to drive results. The best companies don’t hide behind a curtain, refusing to tell clients what they are doing. Instead the best companies explain the marketing plan to their clients and then provide them with analytics so they can view the results for themselves.


When you search for SEO companies, you’ll notice that many of them will promise you the moon as well as the stars. They might say they can get you to the top spot on Google in a month or will triple your traffic in a week. These are empty promises used to get people to sign contracts. Quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time, work, and patience. Choose an SEO company in Montreal that is realistic. Such a company will tell you what it will do to help you reach your goals, all while explaining that it won’t happen overnight.

Proficient in Local SEO

If you run a local business, you also need to consider a firm’s local marketing abilities. Some SEO companies only understand how to market on a global scale. You might get more traffic, but that traffic won’t help if it’s located halfway across the world. Other companies understand the Montreal market and what is needed to drive local traffic. Local SEO tactics are necessary if you’re going to drive traffic to your brick and mortar business or generate phone calls for your services.

A Willingness to Change and Adapt

When looking for an SEO company in Montreal, select one that realizes that marketing is constantly evolving. Some companies choose to set up a marketing campaign and leave it. However, campaigns need to be tweaked on a regular basis based on analytics and overall performance. This is the only way to reach your goals.

Make a Smart Choice When Selecting a Company

Look for all these qualities when choosing a marketing company. Make sure you ask questions about what they offer and what they can do to create a customized campaign for you and help you reach your goals. Use these questions as a way to assess how creative, tactical, realistic, and knowledgeable they are.

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