Post-Pandemic SEO Agencies Looking to Survive COVID

The COVID-19 crisis has affected nearly every business across diverse sectors. While some have barely managed to keep their head above the water, many have sunk to such depths where resurrection looks nearly impossible even as the coronavirus continues its relentless spread.

With conventional stores and outlets out of bounds for consumers and even the ones that operate on a skeletal staff and staggered timings not getting footfalls as everyone wants to play safe, consumers are turning to eCommerce in a big way. They don’t have any other option, do they? Ecommerce, safe-distance pickups, and home delivery have become the new normal as the world struggles to deal with the challenges created by the pandemic.

Here are some interesting stats from research conducted in March when the coronavirus truly started picking up pace.

  • 95% of consumers are now avoiding public places.
  • Media consumption is exploding with video consumption and streamed content reaching whopping heights
  • A large number of consumers now log into their social media accounts daily

Online search is an activity that almost anyone with a browsing device and an internet connection is indulging in and for a large percentage of their spare time which constitutes nearly the whole day in today’s changing scenario.  With the market shifting to online options, companies are forced to optimize their resources. They are looking at ways of providing their consumers with the information they are looking for in the best possible manner.

Experts believe that the post-pandemic SEO agencies will have to take a completely different approach that will be significantly different from how they operated before the global health crisis was unleashed.

The insights that SEO provides to online businesses about consumers and their behavior can come in handy in these times of volatility and fluctuating demand. Professional SEO advice can help companies manage uncertain market conditions, protect their brand name, and ensure the right positioning of their products and services to maximize output.

Experiences from the past show that many companies have been able to survive the impact of recessions caused by such global situations by making suitable changes to their marketing strategies. While it is not going to be a walk in the garden, the very fact that it is doable provides a huge sense of relief.

Here are some of the key strategies adopted by SEO companies to beat the crisis foisted by the pandemic:

Dump Long Term. Think Short Term

With most clients struggling to keep their business afloat, it is commonsense not to have a long-term strategy in place. To have a better impact, think about now and the near future.  Innovation is the need of the hour.

Marketing is such times is a huge challenge and you need an out-of-the-box approach to remain profitable as there are cash flow strains everywhere.

There is no business-as-usual situation in any industry and that’s why there is a need to tread with utmost caution.

Spend More Time and Resources on Research and Communication

The best SEO move in such times would be to invest in research and go after real-time data on customer demands.  It is equally important to have a greater level of engagement with clients so that you can remain updated with the latest developments and also get their valuable input on critical matters which can help in shaping an impactful SEO strategy.

Track Developments On A Weekly Basis

SEO companies will do well to create personalized dashboards for individual clients so that their business performance can be tracked on a regular basis with a great degree of accuracy. This will help them access the necessary feedback and make any fine-tuning if needed. Tracking will also help in keeping a close watch on the trends prevailing in the industry in the changing circumstances and creating solutions based on emerging situations.

Provide More Alternatives

Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary approaches and unique solutions. The pandemic has created a marketplace where your tried-and-tested strategies are unlikely to yield results. A different approach entails deeper and more expansive research which in turn means more investment and sharper marketing brains. Creating strategies that add more value to the marketing outcome is the need of the hour. This must be done keeping in mind the budget constraints of the clients as money is no longer flowing as freely as it probably did in normal times. To create unique SEO solutions, marketers must:

  • Look for newer tools
  • Explore wider geographies
  • Create highly targeted campaigns based on the current trends and future possibilities

Most parts of the world have been under lockdown since early March but administrators are realizing that they need to find a better way of dealing with the pandemic. That’s why we see many parts of the globe coming out of the quarantine in a phased manner.

Data-Driven Innovation

SEO agencies will have to find new tools and software to generate data and delve deeper into business operations to find insights that can help craft high-level strategies. Proactivity is the need of time – not only in finding potential problems but also in offering creative solutions. Reinvention is necessary in every stage of the business process to deal with the unique situations and times we all are in today.

Boost Your Local to Global Reach

Consumers are all going online for their buying needs as the conventional purchase resources are out of bounds, mostly. Most of them are using search right now to find supply sources. Are you positioned in the right manner to appear in those searches? SEO companies are advising businesses to optimize existing content for their specific region, area, or city. This is the best opportunity for businesses to strengthen their local market and also attempt a global outreach by setting up a franchise.

It is difficult to predict when the current lockdown and restrictions will end or relax given the fact that coronavirus continues to impact lives and normal times seem like a far-fetched dream now. For businesses, SEO is a great way of understanding the needs of customers and ensuring that appropriate responses are provided.

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