5 Straightforward Ways You Can Use Email Marketing to Boost Site Traffic

Is it possible to increase web traffic using email marketing? Yes. Check out the things you can do to boost site visits with this promotional strategy.

Among the less known drivers of search traffic, you will find mobile optimization, site translation, and email marketing. In this post, we will focus on the latter and how you can use it to increase traffic to your website.

Email marketing goes a long way in boosting search traffic. How so? It delivers impressive results for your SEO strategies; hence, leading to an increase in the visits to your site. Even though there is no apparent link between email and SEO- Google does not crawl emails when ranking websites- email marketing helps to keep your target demographic engaged with your brand. Ultimately, the higher engagement generates traffic to your site unlike any other SEO approach out there. The better your email marketing strategies are, the better the ranking of your website.

So, how exactly do you use email marketing to increase search traffic? Let’s highlight the strategies you should implement:

Foster Email Engagement

The emails you send to your target audience should contain a central message as well as the different ways that readers can interact with them. Sending a lot of emails is not the way; instead, you need to send resourceful messages that boost recipient engagement. With higher engagement rates, you will attract more visitors to your site and increase the number of people using your products/ services as well.

If you have created excellent content on social media marketing, you can send the same to your subscribers if you feel that they will appreciate the message. When you communicate to the right audience, you will gain more visits to your website/ blog. As your site views go up, so will the number of shares. Eventually, your website ranking will increase leading to better SEO campaigns.

To boost traffic to your site, always include an engagement CTA (call-to-action) in your email. You could do the following:

  • Prompt readers to leave their comments on your website’s comment section and encourage them to share the benefits they gain from your brand.
  • Mention a non-profit you are associated with, and urge readers to share the post.
  • Ask subscribers to interact with you on social channels by giving your social links within the email.

Tip: Ensure that your CTA’s are in the appropriate language to achieve even more success with boosting engagement, and eventually, search traffic. Hire a free online translator to help you with converting messages from your language to that of the target audience. How exactly does translating your emails lead to improved search traffic? Let’s explore:

  • Loyalty: By translating your emails, you expand your audience. Moreover, your audience will appreciate the fact that your messages are understandable and thus, will tend to stick with your website. Over time, you will get more and more searches from this demographic as people continue to sign-up for your emails.
  • Less competition: Translating your emails and redirecting readers to your site means that you will get to enjoy more traffic since not all of your competitors have translated their emails.
  • More popularity: When you translate your emails, you give your site more popularity in new territories. In turn, you gain more traffic in these new regions.

Encourage People to Subscribe

There is another way of boosting engagement beyond urging users to comment on your posts. Try to prompt your readers to subscribe to your site. This way, you will achieve even higher engagement rates over time.

How can you get more people to subscribe? Do the following:

  • Whenever you provide links to your works, be sure to inform the readers that they can stay up-to-date by subscribing.
  • Ask readers to subscribe to your social media to stay informed.

Launch a Newsletter Sign-Up Series

This strategy will enable you to generate more leads, increase the number of your subscribers, and most importantly, boost traffic to your website. Here is how to go about it; give your users a place where they can sign up and proceed to verify their email addresses to complete the authentication procedure. You should have already decided on the appropriate length of your email series when you do this.

However, keep this in mind- your email series should run for one to two weeks with divided content. If you are sending messages to people who do not understand your language, be sure to translate your content accordingly. On the last day of the series, your email should contain links to subscriptions, demos, or trials. This way, you will automatically turn the recipients into buyers.

Provide a Sign-Up Application

This approach is excellent for marketing your products/ services and increasing the number of users. If you are not in a position to create your application, then you can use Facebook to take care of things. With Facebook’s timeline feature, you can access an array of tools that help you develop apps ranging from email sign-up forms to product pages. This feature is ideal because it is user-friendly and easy to understand. Apart from that, you can customize your application to match your brand.

If you are using WordPress, use its list building plugins to create lists for your website.

Give a Subscription at No Cost

Another way to use email marketing for improving search traffic is by using it to provide free subscriptions to your blog, newsletter, products, or services. Doing this will see you benefit from better site traffic as people come to claim their rewards.

Given that people love free things, this strategy is excellent for attracting them. Just be sure that your offerings are useful to the subscriber.

Final Thoughts

While the relationship between SEO and email marketing is not apparent, thinking outside the box can help you know where these two can be combined such that they amplify their overall impact. And with the tips highlighted here, it should now be easy for you to leverage email marketing to boost search traffic.

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