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Chad Pollitt, a decorated veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and former US Army Commander, is the Co-founder of Relevance, the world's first and only website dedicated to content promotion, news and insights.

​He’s also an Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and an Adjunct Instructor of Content Marketing at the Rutgers University Business School. Chad is a member of the Advisory Board for native advertising platforms, inPowered and AdHive.

Recognized as a top 20 CMO influencer, Chad authored "51 Things Your Mother Taught You About Inbound Marketing." He is a regular contributor to industry media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Social Media Today and Guardian.

The majority of Relevance readers live and work in the US. However, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has the potential to impact any business with a website no matter its geography. There’s potential…
Like many people around the world, I made a couple of professional resolutions for the new year. I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. The…
Thinking About Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
This year I took on a couple of ambitious tasks. One was part of my professional development, to learn everything I could about artificial intelligence (AI) and marketing, and the other focused on annual native…
Artificial Intelligence and Paid Media
I spent the last several months conducting copious amounts of research in the areas of native ad tech and artificial intelligence which culminated into the publication of two free ebooks. The first, “Everything You Need…
Native Advertising Technology Growth
One of my professional resolutions for this year was to learn as much as I could about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Half of that research has already culminated into a free ebook, entitled, “Everything…
Artificial Intelligence
For the many subscribers of Relevance, influencer marketing is a well-known, and perhaps, mature channel. Unfortunately, though, there’s still a significant swath of marketers still not leveraging influencers in their marketing mix. This is ill-advised,…
Influencer Markteting Templates
The news has been covering Amazon’s remarkable growth in the digital advertising arena lately. In fact, according to AdExchanger, it’s ad business is growing faster than both Google and Facebook. Currently, Amazon accounts for 2.5%…
The Amazon Adtech Stack & Service Providers are Coming
It’s quite common for me to be asked which social media management and reporting tools I recommend outside the two or three everyone knows, but it’s not always easy to remember ten or more tools…
Social Media Marketing Tools
We’re beginning to see some poignant trends in our industry. It seems brands are reducing their content marketing budgets. As a percentage of overall marketing spend, content marketing has gone from being 29% of overall…
Content Intelligence
My industry colleague and friend, Douglas Karr, inspired me to take on this topic. It’s been a subject of conversation I’ve had for a number of years at conferences and industry events. He poignantly points…
The Case Against Storytelling in Content Marketing
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