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How to Stay Relevant on Social Media

Date published: November 27, 2020
Last updated: November 27, 2020

Social media is more than just a platform for connecting with loved ones and watching funny cat videos. Businesses can use social media to reach new customers, generate sales leads, and hone their brand image. But to achieve any of those outcomes, they have to be relevant.

Staying in the loop on social media is easier said than done. Trends come and go faster than ever, as do consumer expectations. Companies that fall behind rarely catch up. 

Don’t take the risk of irrelevance. Here’s how to keep your company relevant on social media:

Choose Keywords Wisely

Just as search engines do, social media sites use algorithms to provide their users with personalized content. Keywords have a big impact on this algorithm, and targeting the right terms can boost your visibility. More exposure means more relevance.

You can research keywords that fit your brand, products, and campaign to see how they’re performing on social media currently. Keywords with higher usage will have greater competition—but also provide a greater chance to get exposure and relevance.

Publish Content Consistently

Your social media pages will stagnate without content. If your page has nothing on it, or the last post was from last year, customers will not find the page to be credible or relevant. 

Too much content, on the other hand, can be overwhelming. Strike a balance. Posting two or three times per week, while commenting on others’ content every day, is about right.

Regardless, your content needs to be consistent in style. Find a voice that can be used for multiple audiences and sets your posts apart from the competition. Consistent imaging is also a critical part of a coherent social media presence. 

Target the Right Audiences

Social media allows you to target individuals whose interests fit your campaigns. Focusing on key demographics helps your content resonate with the people it’s meant for. 

For example, if you are an outdoor clothing brand, you’ll be more relevant to groups of people who like camping and hiking than those who are interested in home decor and pottery. Outdoor enthusiasts will find your brand more relevant if it speaks to people with related interests.

Embrace Different Platforms

Focusing all of your social media efforts on a single platform might net you a large audience there, but what about people who prefer other social media? To expand your reach, don’t be afraid to dabble in multiple platforms.

Some consumers prefer Instagram for its focus on high-quality images. Others flock to Facebook for its groups and media agnosticism. These are only two of many popular platforms, each with its own format and demographic mix. Familiarize yourself with each one, and make an effort to reach your customers wherever they are. 

Look to Influencers

Influencer marketing is an inexpensive shortcut to relevance on social media. Many consumers trust social media influencers who reflect them more so than the marketing team of a global corporation. To really hit home with new customers, look at partnering with influencers.

Many partnerships are simple: Influencers will share your product with their followers in exchange for compensation, often determined by the number of followers or viewership each influencer brings to the table. 

Use exclusive offers to judge influencers’ relevance to your strategy. Provide a unique coupon code to each influencer to help you see how many purchases they’re able to push your way. 

Do your research before committing to an influencer. You’re looking for relevant people whose comments or conduct won’t tarnish your brand image. Choose wisely, and you’ll find it that much easier to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Social media can empower your business to find relevance in an increasingly crowded market. Engage the right communities online, and watch them strengthen and grow your brand in ways you alone never could. 

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