How to Vet Growth Marketing Agencies

growth marketing agencies

“How do I grow my customer base as quickly as possible?” That is the primary goal of growth marketing. Finding a growth marketing agency that can attract your target audience and compel them to convert is crucial. Helping to keep customers coming back, again and again, is what every company desires as well.

Properly vetting a growth marketing agency is critical to ensure your goals are met and your marketing budget does not go to waste. So, how do you determine if the growth marketing agency you’re considering can meet these goals? Below are a few simple tips on how to properly vet growth marketing agencies on your list.

1. Ask About Their Process

You can find out a lot about a company by asking open-ended questions. Find what processes they have put in place for reporting and goal measurement. How do they execute on strategies? Are they okay with regular check-in calls? Asking about their process is a great way to see how they operate and force them to put into words exactly how they plan to help your business grow.

If their processes don’t align with what you are looking for, see if they are flexible. If they claim their processes have no room for change, working with them could be problematic.

2. Check Out Their Website

A simple look at the growth marketing agency’s website can tell a lot about how they work. It will be their job to attract clients to your company so you can grow your business. Therefore, it is essential to find out how they market themselves.

Does the aesthetics of their website grab your attention? Does the website describe a growth-driven model? Make sure it describes what you aim to achieve.

3. Find Out About Their Previous Customers

There is no better way to find out how well a growth marketing agency does for their client than by hearing from the source. Look for companies who have reviewed the company and call to see if they will let you know their experience. If they don’t have any reviews online, ask them for a list of references to contact.

Have a list of questions to ask, and make sure that you speak to employees who work directly with the agency. This will ensure you can get first-hand experience. You can ask more general questions such as:

  • What experience did you have with the agency?
  • How would you rate their expertise?
  • What were the results for your company?
  • How did they handle reporting, meetings, and follow-ups?
  • How timely and efficient were they?
  • Would you recommend them?

4. Inquire About Their Certifications

A legitimate growth marketing agency will carry certifications in several areas. True marketing agencies should hold at least a few standard certifications, such as:

  • HubSpot certifications
  • Salesforce certification
  • Certification in Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ad certification
  • Certification in Google Ads

5. Look at Their Media Mentions

Determining exactly how skilled a growth marketing agency is can be difficult. Part of their job is to sell their services, so you will likely hear nothing but praise of their company. This can make it hard to determine how the marketing company measures up.

One way to get another opinion is to find out if and how they might be mentioned in the media. See if the agency is mentioned in trade publications or other news outlets. Or find out if they have spoken at events or conferences and what the feedback was.

6. Follow Their Blog

A good marketing agency will have a blog that they regularly post to. Follow their blog to see if they regularly post and if the information is engaging and valuable. If they provide helpful, educational information, then they likely will follow that lead in how they work with clients. 

If the company does not have a blog or does not regularly post, that could be a red flag. How can a company be valuable in growing your company base if it isn’t using all the tools at its disposal to market itself?

7. Ask if They Outsource

You can expect some outsourcing in the marketing world. Some companies outsource because they need a larger pool of workers. Some outsource so that they can have greater variety with their marketing collateral.

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is an important question to ask. If they outsource, you may want to delve deeper into the relationships with their freelance or outsourced workers.

Do they have regular freelancers that they have developed relationships with? Or do they randomly assign work as needed? When a company does not have a solid relationship with its outsourcing, it can affect the quality of the marketing collateral.

8. Do They Offer Any Guarantees?

Guarantees can be tricky in marketing and almost impossible for marketing companies to make. It is not a good sign if they guarantee first-page ranking or an exact number of conversions. No company knows precisely how consumer behavior will play out. These guarantees could just be a way to draw you in.

You do want to hear how they have been successful in the past with their other clients using similar strategies. You also want to hear that they will work with you towards your goals and ensure you are happy with their efforts.

Choosing an Agency

Choosing a growth marketing agency can be difficult but crucial to expanding your company and growing your sales. With a few simple questions and a little legwork, you can adequately vet your growth marketing agencies to ensure you get one that is a good match