The Mayor App Wins the Vega Digital Awards 2020 In the Social Campaign & Series Category

An application created by the Miami Ad School, Hamburg has won the Vega Digital Awards 2020 in the Social Campaign & Series category. The application called Mayor was created for its client Niantic. The app is designed to cater to tourists and locals.

Creative technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja worked with their mentors Marc Vosshall and Philip Wogart to create this app that helps address the flip side of touristification. It was submitted in the Social Campaign & Series Category and Experimental/Innovative Sub-Category of Vega Digital Awards.

A rush in the number of tourists in any place disrupts local life by way of mire crowd, pollution, and hike in the prices of essential and other commodities. This often leads to friction between the locals and the tourists.

The Mayor app hopes to address this problem. Locals can recommend the best places to visit and the activities to tourists. The visitors can vote for these recommendations based on their experiences. The local with the most votes in a month is chosen the virtual mayor of the city for that month. The post comes with many perks such as discounts, free parking, and others. With this app, locals can find a new way of enjoying the tourist season.

A case video for the app has been created by Sukratti Jain and her team that details the working of the app.

Vega Digital Awards has been created to honor the innovators of the digital frontier that includes websites, videos, mobile, social, animation, marketing, and podcasts.

Vega Digital Awards recognizes the most outstanding performances and talents associated with creativity on the digital platform from around the world. Every year they invite participation from individuals, agencies, and organizations that have a presence in the digital media. They honor the best and brightest stars of the industry to encourage promising talents from all over the globe.