What things to Keep in Mind When You Moving From Graphic Design to Web Design?

Designing is an essential skill to have when building a financially prosperous web design business. But there is a difference between graphic design and website design.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design refers to the creation of graphics, typography, and images to represent an idea. Graphic designers can create digital images or videos, which can further be molded into posters and brochures.

What is web design?

Similar to graphic design, web design involves graphics, typography, and images but in this case, we are also designing the interface and appearance of websites.. In order to run a website fast and effectively, web designers frequently use compressed graphics without messing with the quality. The knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is important to designing a website.

The main difference in graphic design and web design is:

In the case of graphic design, there are no restrictions of programming, speed, and accuracy whereas in Financial Web Design professionals have to maintain the desired design details while also maintaining the page speed.

A common misconception of graphic and web designers. They think the designer has a relaxing job, creating a beautiful website by adding images and themes, get paid well, and work in a creative environment and free atmosphere. This isn’t necessarily true, and when you get to know the concept of designing you’ll realize how it brings a lot more than creativity in people.. There is a creative mind that resides behind a well-created website, a mind that is also one that works hard and has to cooperate with others.

These days many designers think of moving from graphic design to web design. It means you are looking to move to a new profession from simple designing logos and other images to fully customized website design. To become a web designer, you need to be keen coder of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning the move from graphic design to web design.

1. Follow guidelines

Designing a professional website is not as easy as one thinks. Programming and UI/UX design has guidelines like Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Make sure you follow all guidelines to ensure the design doesn’t cause any doubt in the mind of the users.

As in any field, there are some rules and regulations and it’s better to follow them than not. Likewise, following technical rules might not always produce  creativity, but they are of course, important for designing a website.

2. Design for information

Good web design doesn’t consider color, typography, and pixels so much as the content of the website. Generally, users reach a website not by looking at the beautiful design but with a plan to have easy access to the content. While turning to web designers from graphic designer, keep in your mind that design should be as simple as possible. Simple design is more reliable, and easier for the user to find the content they’re looking for.

3. Don’t be an expert

A designer rarely has all the solutions to fulfill the demands of a client. All the users have different requirements and one solution is not enough to satisfy all clients. One needs to understand the demand of a user and what they want to create on their website. Before turning to the client, you have to research well and explain to the user why your answer is right and effective for relevant outcomes. Work hard to accommodate all the things properly.

A professional web designer always follows a plan starting with the basics. Here creativity matters but don’t forget to focus on other aspects.

4. Additional learning

Take time to learn a coding language. This is just the beginning of your new career so it’s important to practice with the aim of developing your skills.. At the first stage, learn the language and try to resolve errors from your coding to help you remember and improve the level of designs on your website. Repeat this with other technical languages and frameworks to become a well rounded web designer.

5. Face some opposition

Switching to another profession is full of challenges. Accept all criticism with a positive mind because only a few people are ready to hire you to design their professional website after you’ve just started.

Risks are always there but don’t give up, face critics and research at a greater level to leave it all out there when you’ve finished. At last, your work has been recognized not your critics’ comments. So with keen observation, work hard to get the best results for your customers.


If you have finally planned to switch web design, keep in mind there will be a tremendous change in your work process and strategy. We understand the most difficult part is to change your perception and modify it according to web design. Earlier you are preoccupied with the goal of graphic design but with web design, you have to change your aspects and objectives.

It’s important to make a creative sketch before making a website live, understand users’ viewpoints and eventually, you’ll have something which really speaks for itself.

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