Why Is Mobile SEO More Important Than It Ever Was?

There is no denying the fact that we all are dependent on our mobile phones today.

Confused about something? The mobile phone comes to our rescue.

Want to search for something online? Again the mobile phone is the saving grace and so on… we depend on the internet for our day to day needs today.

In this regard, it is useful to understand why mobile SEO is so important. Today you get maximum sales, traffic, leads, and conversions via mobile users and that is a fact because people are always on the go and things too are being done on the go. Good ranking of your page, today, largely depends on how good your website is optimized for mobile. Also, you have to keep in mind mobile-first indexing because this is an important part of mobile marketing, so mobile SEO is important and in this regard you need to consult with your SEO agency for mobile SEO.

In this blog we shall find out the best practices for mobile SEO, keeping in mind all those factors such as the design of the site, user interface, and navigation that influence mobile SEO either directly or indirectly.

Page Speed

In the age of fast internet speed, your website cannot lag. The pages must appear really fast. You must optimize the images, minify the codes, reduce the number of redirects, use browser caching to the maximum and many more tasks can increase the page speed on mobile.

Let the Google spiders crawl all over your website

Blocking the spiders can have a terrifying effect on your website i.e. the ranking of your website will suffer badly. There are some tools available when used correctly can help identify and understand whether the spiders are at all reaching the important parts of your site or not. This leaves the window for improvement open.

SERP display

When a number of microdata (tags) such as Schema.org and structured data are being added to the HTML, the search engines can interpret or read as well as display your page in SERPs in a better way by facilitating the concentration of the rich snippets beneath the title of the page.

Mobile optimization

Ask your web design agency to make your website mobile-friendly. They must know this better, that plugins such as “Flash” might not be useful so it is better to avoid using it, instead HTML5 is way better and useful. Pop-ups need to be avoided as well. For touch screen navigation designing for the fat finger is always better i.e. the buttons must not be too small or too big otherwise scrolling becomes tedious.

Less screen space means you have to reduce the length of titles, URLs, and meta-descriptions but you cannot compromise with the quality.

Content upgrade and optimization

Optimizing the content, keeping local search in mind, is another mobile SEO best practice. You have to standardize your name, address, phone number, name of the city you are operating in and the metadata of your site.