Why the Automobile Industry Must Use Digital Marketing To Fuel Their Business Prospects

The automobile industry in the US turned out a fairly decent performance in 2019 but industry experts are wary of the tough challenges that lie ahead. Marketers are not sure if this trend can be sustained in 2020 and beyond.

Like many industries, automotive too has been going through dramatic transformations in recent years. Digital and mobile channels are increasingly influencing customer behavior and decision-making when they shop for cars and trucks, not only in the US but globally.

Why Digital Marketing Can No Longer Be Ignored

While the industry has been making some progress in adapting and incorporating digital marketing into their sales, marketing, and advertising processes, it still lags far behind on this count when compared to other industries and sectors. With more and more consumers taking the digital route to compare brands and arrive at buying decisions, can the automotive industry afford this lackadaisical approach?

While consumers are increasingly indulging in research and look for information across dealers and channels digitally, it, therefore, becomes imperative for auto manufacturers, car and truck financers, fuel card specialists, and dealers to go digital to acquire new customers. Fuel cards from iCompario are becoming popular among car companies as they use a well-established digital marketing strategy to drive the popularity of their brand in the industry globally.

There are many reasons why the automobile industry is looking at digital marketing more seriously than ever in recent years. However, a huge motivating factor is that while digital marketing brings in more revenue per car sold, it also costs much less. Car dealers could end up spending up to 10 times more than required when they stick to traditional strategies.

Here are some of the digital strategies that the automobile industry must consider incorporating into their marketing plans to boost its sales and profitability prospects.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Research shows that a high percentage of consumers start the buying process from online search engines. It is imperative that you have a solid and commanding presence at this initial point of the automobile purchase journey. A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy can help buyers find your brand, dealership, or financing service at the top of search results.

2. Optimized Mobile Experience

It today’s age when any person without a mobile phone is the obvious odd-man-out, if your website and content are not optimized for mobile, you have lost the race even before it has begun. Car buyers are known to check for various aspects of their purchase online such as pricing, offers, accessories, payment options and others, even while shopping physically at an auto showroom.

For them, their mobile phones are the resource not just for primary research but for making the final buying decision. Consider delivering an optimized mobile experience to your customers to get those cars rolling off the showroom on to the roads.

3. Boost Presence on Social Media

Car buyers are increasingly depending on social sites for information and guidance about the vehicle they plan to buy. Automakers, dealers, and financers must make use of social media to connect with new car buyers. By providing valuable data and real-time purchase indicators, you can build brand loyalty, boost customer experience, and effectively influence purchase decisions.

4. Use Content Management

It is not uncommon for buyers to suffer from a sense of uncertainty about the model/brand they want to buy. Those who are first-time buyers might not know much about good fuel efficiency and mileage. This is where content management and marketing comes into play. For example one of classic cars selling platforms uses blog content about cars to create audiences for remarketing campaigns.

Auto manufacturers and other associated businesses related to the industry can consider providing information specific to their brand performance and unique features through blogs and articles. The same can be marketed through the popular social media channels so that it can provide answers that your targeted audience is looking for.

Of course, all automobile purchases are made physically but every sale has a history of online research that takes place quietly behind the scenes. It means that purchase decisions are deeply influenced by the digital marketing content offered to the customers through a suite of mediums.

Developing a strong, customized, and extensive digital marketing strategy is the best way ahead for the automotive industry today.

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