Artificially Intelligent Ad Suggestions are Coming to Google Adwords

Google Simplifies Ad Campaign Optimization

According to an email made available to Marketing Dive from Adthena, Google will be introducing new AI-powered automated processes for Adwords customers starting April 29.

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The processes, powered by AI and other machine learning technologies, will give users suggestions based on relevant information from prior campaigns, including from ad headlines, extensions, and descriptions. These new tools take some of the guesswork out of campaign optimization and provide valuable ROI and advertising metric guidance to marketers.

According to information given to Marketing Dive, Adwords customers will have 14 days to review suggestions before they automatically go into effect. Users can edit the suggestions as they see fit, as well as opt out of them altogether.

Google Amps Up their AI Programs

Google’s newer offerings like Shopping Ads and the AI-powered Google Assistant may be strengthened by the Adwords update. Specifically, AI assistants are prime territory for content marketing efforts. For example, through Actions on Google, it’s possible for marketers to claim and refine a listing in their directory.

Let’s say you’re a news publisher with AMP and structured data markup looking to engage users through Google Assistant. Google can automatically create Actions (things people can ask the Google Assistant) to interact with your content, with an auto generated page in the Assistant directory.

On March 19th, Google also introduced its ‘Shopping Actions’ program, which allows customers to add products to a cross-platform shopping cart. Brands participating in this program can showcase their products on Google Assistant with voice shopping.

This new Adwords update, along with other recent AI centric updates, indicates that Google is serious about ramping up their AI and optimization tools and services. It’s clear that the tech giant is in tune with the massive impact AI has had on marketing over the past few years, and they aren’t about to miss out on the AI movement.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that AI and related technologies will play starring roles in the future of marketing optimization and content promotion. When major companies like Google arm themselves with these tools and and offer them to customers, it makes the segway into AI more navigable for marketers.

Are you planning on experimenting with the new Adwords suggestions. Do you think the updates will help optimization? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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