Google Discover – A New Name & Look for Google Feed

Google has been evolving perennially.

One of Google’s outstanding features, Google Now, has finally gone into oblivion.

Many people found it useful because all that they had to do to keep themselves updated was swipe to the right on the home screen and scroll through topics like sports, news, weather, and upcoming events.

Not anymore – no more reminders and badly targeted new stories.

As luck would have it, Google Now is replaced by Google Assistant, a very advanced and dynamic tool.

Its advances since its launch in 2016 have been unbelievable. It has spread its tentacles among a wide range of devices, such as cars, refrigerators, headphones, and speakers.

Google Assistant is a voice assistant.

Subsequent to phasing out Google Now, the Assistant has become very personal.

It resides in the same space, combining several characteristics with a broad range of voice controls.

It supports voice as well as text – a great tool indeed.

With an interactive voice feature, it lets you do the following:

  • Make appointments.
  • Discover information on the web, make airline reservations and hotel bookings, find directions, get weather reports, and more.
  • It can even perform real time translations.
  • Pull out information from calendars and run timers.
  • Play media on your Chromecast and other compatible devices.

With Google Assistant you get a futuristic feel. It is smart. It will identify you based on your voice and react to your commands in a smart manner.

Google Assistant is compatible with a slew of connected devices with partners such as Honeywell, Philips Hue, Osram, Logitech, LG Appliances, Ikea, Canary, and more.

Now you have more in store. Google is on a renovating spree.

Gear up for Google Discover.

Google has revolutionized social media feed to influence how people search.

This means you can optimize your content to get the best results.

Now you can get updated content on cards of the home application.

In a spectacular manner, Google Discover updates users on stories that grab their interest. In other words, this tool pulls out information from users’ browsing history and provides them with information even before they start looking for it.

Google Discover is leveraging the vast user base of Google Feed – more than 800 million users.

So, here is a rundown of what is new in Google Discover.

New outline

Google Feed’s basic concept is completely overhauled by focusing on visual content. Things have been made simple for users. Each card has a title and an icon. You click on it and the content you are looking for appears on the feed.

User friendly controls

Users have options at the footer of each card. You can choose how much content you want to see or read.

Broader range of content

Google Feed focused on only news coverage. Google Discover, the new avatar, digs into your search history and provides content from topics that interest you.

Expanded visibility

Google Feed was accessible only via the mobile app of Google; now Google plans to change all this by making the Google Discover feed available in every mobile browser.

It is time to optimize your website by Google Discover and provide punch to your marketing campaigns.

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Use graphics and videos

You can upload fresh videos on Google Discover and add value to your content.

Savvy marketers have all along understood that visual content provides muscle to any form of communication. With videos, you stand to get better returns by getting more fan following, more fresh clients, and more revenue.

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words and, with Google Discover you will have a wonderful platform to prove this axiom.

“The average attention span has fallen down to 8 seconds from 12,” says a marketing guru. “For us, consumer attention is a precious commodity, so we need to dish out compelling visuals to make the consumer concentrate on what we have to offer”.

This aspect has taken a big leap in inbound marketing as we can see by the transformations in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With Google Discover you can do better than what you have been doing until now.

You can cut the content by half or even more by splitting the information and enhance the whole campaign or content by adding exciting visuals.

Keep in mind that even B2B players have prioritized promotionals by uploading visual content as part of their marketing strategies.

This holds true for any topic.

Take for example, a travel website. With Google Discover, users can see both content and visuals on the best places to see and eat.

Regardless of the business you are in, you can harness your level of expertise of your domain with compelling visuals and content. Discover promises to be exceptional by being one step ahead – and we tend to believe it.

Better control with more contexts

Google Discover can tailor what users want to see.

Remember how Pinterest works?

If you want to see or read more of a content/topic, you must tap on an icon. In a similar fashion, Discover will allow users to see content from a variety of sources on several topics, enabling them to consume new ideas.

All this simply means you will need to optimize content with innovative ideas to align with Google Discover design.

Preferences to read in different languages

This new look of Google will offer something unique to those who speak, read, and write multiple languages.

You may like to read poems in Spanish, follow sports news in German and view movies in English. Google Discover has commenced with English and Spanish and has plans for support more languages soon.

In short, Google Discover can let you know your website users better. It is a great boon indeed to expand your market reach and get more consumers to appreciate your brand.


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