How Mattress Businesses Are Firming Up Strategies To Sell Their Brands Online

Learn how mattress businesses are upping their strategies to sell their products online.

Consumers planning to buy mattresses have two options. They can either go to the nearest store famous for selling quality mattresses of the best brands or go shopping online.

The latter option is gaining popularity with a large number of customers as it offers a string of benefits. The most obvious benefit is that they can now look for and choose from a wider range of choices and without having to step out of their homes.

With digital marketing and ecommerce dominating preferences of global consumers, it is now possible to buy literally anything online, mattresses included. Mattress businesses are also keen to sell their products online and are probably selling more through ecommerce than their retail outlets.

Mattress selling is conventionally seen as more brick-and-mortar but the trend is changing dramatically. There are many marketing strategies that mattress businesses are adopting to gain a dominating online presence.

1. Establishing An Online Presence

By using SEO strategies, mattress businesses are creating a strong online presence. They are targeting the most relevant and popular search terms being used by mattress buyers to make it easy for them to find and connect with top brands online.

2. Using Content To Reach Customers

Companies are using their websites, social media channels, and blogs to provide valuable information to their customers about various aspects of their products. This can include information about how a soft mattress helps relieve back pain or what to look for while placing orders for mattresses online.

Leading brands are assuring buyers that there is nothing wrong with buying mattresses – a typically touch-and-feel product – through ecommerce stores. Many are also offering an extended period of guarantee which has helped alleviate the fear of making such purchases online.

3. Creating a Buzz on Social Media Channels

With nearly every person from the generation next having a social media account, this is one of the online resources that brands simply cannot ignore. Leading brands are using social media to let users know about the superiority of their products. Customer reviews and testimonials are heavily encouraged in their marketing strategy. By using social proofs, brands are able to highlight their USPs to their audience. It is also an effective business strategy for convincing customers to order mattresses online.

4. Making Ordering Easy

Top mattress businesses are focused on making the online ordering process simple and easy, a strategy that benefits both the seller and the customer. They can view the various choices in terms of size, color, materials, finish, and design and place their orders conveniently. By offering easy (or even free) shipping options to select destinations and customers, they can offer more reasons for consumers to order mattresses online.

Understandably, most people are hesitant to make a significant purchase, such as a mattress, online. Brands are making it easy for consumers to make online buying decisions by tempting them with offers that they are unlikely to enjoy when they buy from a traditional outlet.

5. Enticing With Offers

Some of the tricks-of-the-trade includes offering a warranty of a few years, a longer trial period (some brands are offering 100-day trial offers), free delivery, easy returns, exchange offers, and more. Besides, buying online also saves customers a tidy sum as they can avail of hefty discounts and affordable prices. Some brands run special campaigns at specific times of the year and entice customers by offering incredible discounts through flash sales and other similar strategies.

6. Using Social Influencers

This is another online selling strategy that mattress businesses are using to sell their products and it’s turning out to be extremely successful for top brands. They can boost engagement, visibility, and sales through a single tweet or a passing reference by top celebrities and leading personalities on most social media channels and blogs.

If you are a mattress business looking to explore the online marketplace, you can explore the above-mentioned strategies or create an innovative approach of your own to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.