Why Link Building Has Never Been More Important

Linking building is a tried and tested practice used over the years to improve the search rank of new and established sites alike.

While there are a bevy of more modern SEO strategies that have evolved since its inception, link building remains as relevant today as it ever was in the past. Here is a quick look at why it is still so widely used.

A good search rank still relies on link building

While lots of factors are taken into account when search engines determine the quality and relevance of pages, the reputation of a site is still largely contingent on the number of high quality inbound links it receives.

This means that if you want to scale to the heady heights of SERPs in an organic and sustainable way, implementing a link building offering is essential to help your websites rank. If you don’t want to handle this yourself, companies like LinkBuilder.io offer a white label solution,  which removes the time intensive work required to actually build high quality links to your websites.

Indeed it is increasingly necessary to build a solid link building strategy which nets you the most valuable links on reputable third party sites without falling foul of the ever-watchful search algorithms. There are still plenty of pitfalls to avoid, which is why getting expert assistance makes sense.

Link building occurs whether you want it to or not

If you run a website then the likelihood is that it will begin to be linked to elsewhere online. While this can be a positive thing so long as the other sites are of a high quality themselves, if you ignore the fact that links of a lower quality exist then you could get penalised even if you are not directly responsible.

As such it is better to be proactive rather than passive about link building so that you can mitigate the risks you face, improve your backlink profile and tackle any troublesome issues which have as yet been left unaddressed.

Organic audience growth can be achieved

The right link on the right site can not only appease search algorithms and boost your rank, but should also bring your brand to the attention of more people.

You will need to pick the right third party sites to achieve this of course, but if your content gets shared in the right context then your site will start to spread by word of mouth, which will also help its overall reputation, search rank and marketability.

Trust can be established

Just as link building can make your site and content more shareable, it can also allow your brand name to get out there and begin to gain traction with the kinds of customers you are hoping to attract.

Given the extent of the security threats that face modern consumers, there is a lot of caution surrounding new brands which have yet to gain the confidence of their prospective fans. The simple act of getting your name out there through link building is crucial to establishing this familiarity that eventually breeds trust.

In short, if you handle link building correctly, it can be one of the best ways to help your business flourish in uncertain times.