Technical SEO Tips To Instantly Increase Web Traffic

What is web traffic? Web traffic is the data received or sent by users. It is one of the largest portions of internet traffic.  Technical SEO on the other hand is a process used to achieve higher search engine ranking. It includes optimizing crawling, adding web search to Google pages and using software that renders HTML pages. Use these tips to improve your technical SEO and watch for an instant boost in web traffic.

Correcting a defective outdated blog post

Correcting your blog posts is a simple and effective process. One uses any element or feature that will make relevant and improved changes which are unique. You start by finding a certain blog post  with irrelevant and outdated strategies that you plan to correct. The tips or information which are no longer relevant to the subject are replaced with the updated trends in the SEO. A good example is that of Brian Dean who used certain elements to increase traffic to his site by around 50%. The elements he used were:

  • Statistics
  • Infographics
  • Screenshots

Use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to optimize your blog post

The LSI keywords are those keywords or phrases which are related to your keyword.

Keywords are optimized by including them in the title at the beginning of the heading, and within the first sentence. The ranking of the blog post is more likely to be high if you can manage all three. Once the keyword is typed, the best performing pages will display it at the beginning. Keywords can be used several times in an article but in this case one must make sure that it’s mostly placed at the beginning of the sentence and that it sounds natural and not a cliché. Google search makes it simple to find keywords. An LSI graph is a tool that shows you if you have enough keywords in your blog post.

Keywords can optimize blog posts through;

  • Use of relevant keywords. Keywords should not be overused to avoid going beyond 1.5 % which is the appropriate keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage of how many keywords or keyword phrases have been used in web context compared to the number of words contained in the article.
  • Use of catchy headlines to make the content more accessible and easily understandable for the audience.
  • Make your article easy to read and understand.
  • Make the content you use to go hand in hand. This is called Yoast SEO. This will help you analyze your post and improve in certain areas in order to improve your SEO.
  • Use the on-page SEO
  • Use the off-page SEO

Use influencer marketing to boost traffic

Once an influencer has recommended your product or service, tons of organic traffic is created due to their position as an influential voice in a domain. An influencer has a positive impact in:

  • Improving SEO.
  • Boosting social media shares.
  • Building quality backlinks.
  • Improving the Google search ranking.

Use a question analyzer to increase traffic

This method allows you to  figure out and to answer the questions that your target market poses, thus creating targeted  blog content that answers questions specific to your audience. The questions help the blogger write a compelling article that will add a lot of traffic to the website. One finds questions that are relevant to the topic and the ones which relate to your niche market thus creating content around those questions. It is also easier to update your old blog posts by using the answers you gleaned from your question analysis. .

Optimize your website for mobile

Mobile phones are nowadays more often used to conduct Google searches. Almost 60% of the internet searches are done using mobile phones. Searches now show that Google favors mobile networks over desktop versions. This 60% figure comes at a time when Google has rolled out a “mobile-first” indexing strategy. Therefore, it is important to use the Google mobile-friendly test tool to check how well your website is optimized for mobile. Making sure that your blog or the website itself is more optimized helps in increasing one’s website traffic.

How to use the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool:

  • Start by opening your app and typing the URL and hit the run test button.
  • This is the result of your test. When some issues rise one must rectify them by checking that the site one is using is up to date. This is done through checking the Google mobile updates.

Leverage the LinkedIn publisher

The LinkedIn publisher is an important platform where you can post your articles and where a wide range of people will see the post. Posting a blog informs your first LinkedIn connection through a notification which is sent to them. If your post is interesting, your connection might read it, and maybe even share it.

Use different formats for your post

Traffic can be increased by transforming the blog post into different content with different formats. Context can be consumed in different ways by the use of different features, the most commonly used features are videos, e-books, infographics, and podcasts. When this content is used, your website traffic increases.

Rank videos on youtube

Youtube is an open platform where everybody can engage in entertainment and in ranking.

Here is a simplified way of making ranking videos;

  1. Use a YouTube keyword tool this way you can create popularity.
  2. Publish the content and promote it by answering to all the comment posted.
  3. Have a high engagement video detailed with search intent.
  4. Have a YouTube on page SEO video optimization

Posts which appear to be similar should be merged

A good example of merged posts with URLs is;

  • com/blog/how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-website/ and
  • com/blog/increase-website-traffic/

Before merging,

Initially it was seen that when they were each on their own, they never got much traffic. Once they were merged using a technique called cocktail technique.

After merging,

Having an SSL is an Immediate Assurance

One of the best and final SEO tips we can mull over is having an SSL certificate on your website. For better SEO ranking, SSL is now a necessity. Now even Google has made SSL compulsory because it helps in search engine ranking. Moreover, if the website is accepting online payments, then Cheap SSL is an ideal option to secure transactions as well to establish a reputable online presence towards customers. When customers find your website as a secured site, they are more likely to purchase from you, and in the long run, help add  more traffic to your site.

Finally, we can ascertain that the above tips will surely help you to increase traffic on your website. Besides, there are other things like social media ads, content promotion, guest blogging, email marketing, data analytics helpful in boosting website traffic.

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